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  • Notes from a Geek Mom: On Video games

    Notes from a Geek Mom: On Video games

    My son is 9 and loves video games (what 9 year old doesn’t?) Here are some tips for other parents.

  • Walking away

    Diana sat in the server room, her laptop open and writing documentation on the new setup of the shopping cart software. It was super buggy. She wanted to lean over and fix the script that stood up the shopping cart on websites. She was learning Perl and CGI and started to stand up web sites […]

  • how tech inspires me

    how tech inspires me

    I’m going to start off by saying I’m not inspired. After a weekend I planned of relaxing by the sea, I ended up fighting with my son over his addiction to Roblox. I swore off tech, and the Internet, pretty much resoundingly. One key tantrum, by me, was when I tried to rent scooters from […]

  • America has lost its savior status

    Upon hearing about Trump’s Immigration Ban, my mind went to what it was to be American, and then, for some reason, Moscow on the Hudson. Sadness that Robin Williams is no longer with us, but mostly because it was just a fragile representation of our nation. How in media and in many peoples’ imagination at […]

  • The Job Flux, and Helping Others

    Sadly, I was laid off last week. The job flux causes so much stress and anxiety. It’s hard getting back into job hunting- selling yourself, brushing up on skills, the sheer work of it. And, as an introvert I’m just not up to interacting all day long with people. On top of that, it’s the […]

  • In Memorium: Bev

    One of my aunties- my mother’s best friend through most of my life- died last night. I heard via text when I was inline for a tennis court. Bev would be shocked and amazed, admiring, and incredulous that I would be lined up for tennis. I don’t think she exercised a day in her life. […]

  • Inspiring Makers- and Getting Inspired, Our GHC Hardware Hackathon Workshop

    Inspiring Makers- and Getting Inspired, Our GHC Hardware Hackathon Workshop

    Stacie & I making sure we’re on the room’s agenda… and we are! At the 12,000 participant Grace Hopper Convention in Houston, TX last week, we conducted a hackathon-with-a-workshop. Stacie Hibino (@staciehibino) and I helped 250+ participants manipulate a simple LED circuit kit into a prototype or actual product. Our competition was stiff for that […]

  • iParent: The Salad Days

    iParent: The Salad Days

    Jax put a handful of sand in his mouth, and I should have reached over and grabbed his chubby little hand, but I knew that with only a few taps, I could almost finish my deposit. The deposit that would make or break my rent check. I stretched my foot out to nudge his hand […]

  • iParent: Hot Dad

    iParent: Hot Dad

    Jax picked up a fistful of sand and placed it carefully in his mouth, eying it, and his mother across the sandbox, simultaneously. She was heads down on her phone, both thumbs furiously tapping. He stuck out his tongue, layered in sand, and started wailing. She glanced at him, shoved the phone in her pocket, […]

  • Apple Watch- A Mother’s Perspective

    Apple Watch- A Mother’s Perspective

    The Apple Watch has arrived. With a bit more fanfare than the Google Watch. Three identical white boxes housing the watch. Seriously, Apple?