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  • First Goose Egg

    No goose egg… yet Baby got his first goose egg. I put him in his stroller, turned to get some socks, and Bam! He was face-down on the floor. It’s the worst feeling, for him and me. Poor buddy was silent-screaming, then real screaming, then screaming-nursing, then just whimpering. Maybe 15 minutes? 15 minutes of […]

  • No! Not the SFC! (strong female character)… enter, the Lady Boss

    The other day I put it out there on Twitter: find me a TV series that has a executive-level female character without a fatal flaw (I’ll nickname her Lady Boss). Because you know there are tons of strong male characters with little flaws, but nothing really bad. And it’s fun, to vicariously live in their […]

  • Christmas Traditions… it’s for us.

    I talked to my sister yesterday, and she mentioned that our traditional Saffron yeast buns were the most popular at her kid’s school’s holiday craft fair. In that conversation we got around the crux of it: holidays are for us. Basically, as Swedes and as kids who grew up in a large, fun festive family, […]

  • Review of Trader Joe’s Marinated Meats

    Update: May 11th I could write about something meaningful like Ferguson, but instead, I’ll review the marinated meat aisle of Trader Joe’s. I’m a working mom, with an infant. I love cooking, and have this idea of cooking for my small family each night. The reality, of course is “fend for yourself,” — FFY– eating […]

  • Writing… Again

    I’m going to resurrect this blog. I’ve been writing on Medium a bit: Christmas: Wonderful and Depressing How I Learned To BreastFeed But I’m going to start writing on here, if but for only one reason- I love this Google font. Oh, and my cousin Lorrie has inspired me with her writing. And, I’m a […]

  • Basic Android App

    Just wrote up instructions on how to make the most barebones Android app. Enjoy! Code here. Instructions here.

  • Simple example of scheduled, self-clearing Android notifications

    I couldn’t find a relevant example of doing a schedule notification that launches the app, then clears it. Various bugs and design flaws in Google’s Android O/S make this needlessly complicated, in my opinion. In this, iPhone made it easy. The basic functionality: schedule daily ordinal time (say, 10am daily) notifications. Upon click, display main […]

  • SF GoogleBus Appeals Hearing Recap

    (Or, some other super sexy title). SF politics- so interesting. So, a few months ago the city transit board decided to respond to protests regarding the Google buses (all Silicon Valley employee shuttle buses- intercity, not intracity shuttles) by creating a pilot program. This program would charge the companies $1 per stop, per day. The […]

  • ThinkNote: Make Music With Your Mind

    Went to the best hackathon ever last weekend. Why? A combination of invention, skill, participation and sheer nerd energy. And a buffet (well, I am pregnant…). And, well, I really love the app we made. “ThinkNote: Make Music With Your Mind.” Yes, that’s right. Depending on how you control your thoughts you can compose music. […]

  • Pregnant & Entrepreneur = Pregpreneur

    First trimester in Vegas… a bit hard. Standing at a conference all day, during first trimester, isn’t fun. Your business partner doesn’t know because you and your boyfriend have decided not to tell anyone. You’re not showing, but beyond exhausted and nauseous. I power-napped in the hotel hallway. I started with caffeinated tea, and then […]