Author: banane

  • My Latest Development Mantras

    Maybe, perhaps because I’m an English major, I tend to notice patterns in my speech. So, I noticed recently that I keep saying the same phrases in discussions regarding mobile app development: – secret sauce – no login – no back button – mentoring – phase 2 – did the customer want that – don’t […]

  • There Are No Women On StackOverflow… Or Are There?

    For a long time, years in fact, I used the site as a reference. You have an error message, and you can search for it, and find a lovely discussion of fixes, problems, etc. I had joined a year ago, but got some grief and didn’t login in again for a year.I’d run into a […]

  • Playing Back Wav in 2.2 Androids

    It’s tough, and I just got it to work. See zipped code here. The key was writing the streamed URL code to a local disk space (always same file). Despite the purported support, Android 2.2.1 does not support WAV streaming. That is, you can’t play it directly from a URL. Basically wrote our own “setDataSource” […]

  • Lovely Gradient Buttons… in Android

    I wrote an iPhone post and hinted that I had an Android implementation, and I do! You can download the project here: Normal Highlighted So you want lovely gradient buttons, and when you press them, you want another gradient layer to show. Define your layout in xml, add a button <Button       […]

  • Android ProgressBar: Starting, and Stopping Them

    Ah, just spent a while figuring this out. You have a progress bar, you’d like it to start, and, you’d like it to stop. There are lots of examples of start a progress bar, but very little on how to stop, or interrupt it. That’s the key- you are interrupting a running while loop. The […]

  • iPhone Gradient Buttons, with Highlighting

    My app- Lyrics– is pretty simple graphically. The only real object we have is a button. So, it’s nice to get the most out of my designer, and he has repeatedly been a fan of gradient buttons with a different visual gradient when pressed (highlighted in iPhone talk). While iPhone is great for a lot […]

  • Recording and Playback on both iPhone and Android

    Download on Google Play and on iTunes My goal was to record little snippets on both iPhone and Android, and share those files between users, on Facebook. As usual, I want old Android users (2.2+) and iPhone (3+) users to participate in this app. I originally recorded in iPhone CAF, then realized the file size […]

  • MMS with AT & T Platform SDK

    Finally figured this out and thought I’d blog about it. You’re setting up a short-code listening MMS app. Keep in mind: – The receiving (server) script should handle $_POST to the address – Setup that script in the developer portal’s app page – I included a lot of server logging (manually) in the script – […]

  • Story of the Hackfest – Bacon Unicorn!

    Stacie, Estelle, and me in the background. Via Kris Corzine The AT & T Hackfest was in Palo Alto. Sleepy, beautiful, affluent, diverse and yet economically not-diverse, Palo Alto, at the AT & T Foundry, a neat space with lots of power, sunlight, and (oddly, but great) random doors onto the street. I kind of […]

  • Facebook Mobile App in 20, no 7, Minutes

    I’m speaking at the AT & T HTML5 Hackathon tonight, and here are my slides, and basically my entire presentation. OMG UNICORNS AND PONIES Facebook has a nifty Mobile Web SDK and tutorial, and that’s what I’m going to make. The application– a simple “find fun posts on Facebook about unicorns and ponies”. I had […]