Author: banane

  • it’s all coming back to me…

    The neuroses of a fitness addicted person… coming back to me slowly but surely. I’ve started to realize just how tight my (whatever are remaining) muscles are, and they are in a pretty sad state. Some things coming out of head trauma are: life is too short not to eat mint ice cream!!! Dropped off […]

  • minty fresh bright green ice cream

    Oh man, what a weird craving last night. I went to some corner stores then hiked over to Safeway for Dreyer’s. I didn’t want the rich kind of ice cream, just the kind of watery milky kind from ye olde times. It felt great. Going through housing purchase makes you so anxious, and recovering from […]

  • healing is hard to doo…

    I always think of bad 70s song lyrics for the titles of these entires, the above is more 50s pop, “because breaking up is hard to do…” Feel almost 100%. Didn’t know I could recover to this point, I must say. Had a meltdown this weekend, but when I describe the situation most people are […]

  • going over a bump in the road fast feeling

    That’s the “dizzy” feeling, like, woah, did we go over a bump? and I didn’t feel it? haha. Stomach-flipping in a really mild manner. Talked to doc, basically, if nausea or “feeling of pressure” in the head, kind of headache, or any other worsening of symptoms, I should come in. I did some research on […]

  • we’ve lost that tippy feeling..

    oh woah that tippy feeling,… (music notes here) So still have dizzy, slightly vertigo feeling this morning, as well as weird ‘brain’ feeling that is something totally undescribeable. I was wondering as I woke up this morning “I feel great!” then it slowly came to me, the very odd, peculiar feeling that is the 2nd […]

  • Growing Older…

    Ok, so I woke up this morning and was still super tired and hungry, got weird headache and was very dizzy going to take a shower. Thought it might be hunger and had a few raisins and boom, felt better. Scary though, and the whole thing that I may not be able to manage as […]

  • scritch… scritch…

    Waves of itchiness keep attaching me. Other than that and things are pretty messy. I was so gleeful and happy yesterday returning from the doc. And then it kind of hit home, still needs to heal, and same kind of “back of the head” self-consciousness. But it does feel more free and whole and less […]

  • beautiful winter days

    Oh these last two days in SF have been so beautiful, that kind of bright but mild winter sun all day! I did what Sally did and didn’t post when I had bad news to report… my sutures didn’t come out Thursday as planned, they weren’t ready, so Monday is the big day, but I’m […]

  • Depressing 11/3rd…

    Everyone is glum. Entire train into downtown full of glum people. On an upper note I feel my scar itch and that means it’s healing. Tonight I’m going to plow into 3,000 + words on novel. I’m not super motivated I have to say. Feeling really tired after a long lunch w/ friends bemoaning the […]

  • Plowed into by Bike Messenger (posted 4 days after event)

    So I got in an accident today at 4pm and went to the emergency room, etc. What happened was, on my way to get a latte, a victory lap for fixing a couple of server outages over the past few days, a bike messenger drove right into me. I flew back and hit my head […]