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  • Chrissy Field

    Spent an hour or so at Chrissy Field yesterday. I got there kind of late and was able to witness the alpenglow-like effect around 5pm, which is not something to miss. I was expecting tons of people walking up and down the paths, but since I kept mostly to the beach instead of the walkway […]

  • Responses to Walk to Work Blog, Chinatown Fire Department, Imperial Tea House

    Letters to Editor Today’s post is dedicated to offline comments I’ve received on my blog. “Blogs should be like yours. Focussed on things that are specific, that aren’t just rambling narratives about their opinions or life.” ed. Well mine are as well, and I try not to be myopic and self-navel-gazing. “I saw something off […]

  • Chinatown at Night and Treasure Hunt

    Coit Tower from Lombard Chinatown at Night & Treasure Hunt! I walked back from the W to home last night. Around 12:30am, walking through Union Square, through the Stockton Tunnel… by the way, the best dim sum tiny store behind a bus stop is “Dim Sum Good Food” on Stockton. Still don’t know the cross […]

  • Places I’ve lived in SF

    I’m taking photos for my friend who moved, of the places she’s lived in San Francisco. I also did that with my grandfather, driving around LA taking photos of all the houses he lived in. Fun exercise! I’ll give you a written tour of mine. 1995: Page street, white building with red stairs. Walk up […]

  • Big Tree & California Test

    Big Bay Laurel Tree San Antonio Park, county open space in Los Altos Hills. I have fond memories of this tree. Sister and I would come frequently and play tennis in the courts nearby. It is usually blindingly hot and dry during the summer, and she wasn’t old enough to drive, so we would walk […]

  • 113702253442201258

    Power Outage I just experienced an 8 minute power outage. I wonder if it’s the construction up Chestnut Street. Hmmm. My building slams doors, probably because the alarms are reset or it’s some weird fire precaution. Large hallway doors. I feel like I’m on a submarine and I’m on the wrong side of a sealed […]

  • Chocolatiers & Dim Sum

    John Street, Chinatown, check out the kids playing soccer. Friday right after work. Life is too short not to enjoy little drops of happiness (my translation of dim sum, dian xi, or dot and heart) and CHOCOLATE, which, if dark and eaten in small amounts, is good for you. So my resolution this year: more […]

  • Retail Workers in Fisherman’s Wharf

    Enter the CafePress Anti-Valentine Contest “>Enter the CafePress Anti-Valentine Contest ” border=”0″ alt=”” /> There’s a sub culture a few blocks away from me that is vibrant and happening. It’s the kids from TGIF who pound weird absinthe-colored shots after the doors have closed. It’s the white shirted starbucks employee grabbing five In & Out […]

  • Looking towards summer

    china cove, summer of 2005 So looking through photos I took last summer, I realized I really want it to be summer again! Also planning trip to Sweden and thinking of the best time of the year to visit. Today it’s alarmingly bright out, that I forget that it’s been raining constantly for a week. […]

  • favorite old timey SF stories & PHB

    credit to here Post Holiday Blues In my world this is manifested by a video-athon. Three years ago it was Flambards, the pretty much unknown British TV series from the 80s, depicting a young heiress’ life in late victorian to modern period. She was into horses. Then, two years ago it was the DVD comedy […]