Author: anna

  • Ist day in SF

    Thoughts on Trip Above is a shot of my favorite dumpling place, right near the last hotel we stayed in (bamboo garden). It was in the northern part, right near a subway stop, and a little block and a hutong crawl from the lakeside bar district. I’m telling people that it was overhwelming, and that’s […]

  • Lower Haight, Pac Heights, East Wind Bookstore, See’s, Pakwan

    Lower Haight It has changed so much since I lived there. I was at the dentistry school nearby and decided to walk around a bit and see if all the crack houses were in full force. Nope, not at all, and even moreso a bar has turned in to (gasp!) a wi-fi cafe with wine […]

  • Poetry Re-Con

    In preparation for the Great Beat Creep, my birhtday celebration centerd around North Beach and Poetry, I have to frequent certain establishments that are going to be the inspiration for budding poets. Jazz at Pearl’s Super score, I mean, that place totally rocks. We showed up 10 mins before closing, but they did an encore. […]

  • Overheard, Pac Heights

    Pacific Heights Alltime favorite Pac Heights story. Walking around with my brother in law (who lives in the bay area) he is asking me constantly, what neighborhood is this? me: “pac heights.” him: “No it’s not. It’s something else.” me: “Oh maybe, there are all these little nook neighborhoods I don’t know.” One week later, […]

  • Links, Prince Charles, Reminiscing, Overheard

    Links So, here are some cool local links: SF MetBlogs– I’ve been reading this for a few days. I went to a party with these folks a while ago but don’t remember any of their faces and names, which makes going to networking events such a good use of your time, you know? Sacramento Insider […]

  • Fishy Wharf, and Peets redux

    Homeless guy in front of a shop with very loud marenge music blasting onto the sidewalk. He rattles his paper Starbucks cup, full of coins, to the beat. Along the block of Taylor, where there are tacky little shops selling t-shirts “I bet you wish your girlfriend was as hot as me,” and “Hard as […]

  • Cesar Chavez Park, Berkeley

    Cesar Chavez Park A man-made park, I fear, and a totally different perspective as on my usual walk. I spied across the bay trying to figure out where my neighborhood was. I realized just how tiny Telegraph Hill is. There’s a hazy fog bank between Telegraph Hill and Russian Hill, and that’s the only way […]

  • Aquatic Park Revisited

    Aquatic Park Revisited I walk by this building every day: Finally I wanted to know what some of the odd structures are, beyond what I could make up in my head. So I’m reading the web site, and it’s pretty much in line with what I thought: a WPA project. A submerged bathhouse built to […]

  • CostPlus, Bamboo Hut, Trader Joe’s

    Funny how the places you go constantly you never think about as “visiting,” like TJ’s. Trader Joe’s My weekly haunt. I feel like this is my Trader Joe’s, and everyone else shopping there should just get the hell out. I manifest this by walking with my plastic basket to the side, taking up the entire […]

  • boring blog

    I fear once in a while that my local color blog is just intensely boring. I admit it, it is. It’s mostly to capture insights about local stuff. Fior D’Italia It’s Hotel San Remo, not the other name I put in the other blog entry. They’re weatherproofing and painting. I think that’s pretty smart. The […]