Author: anna

  • Jello Mold, Loop Radio

    Elizabeth Hikock, via Boing Boing That Loop Radio is 106.9 and had some new stuff on it today that I found really, really funny. The mystery is that something is going on… Free FM OK not so mysterious, but a kind of great stunt, and I’ve enjoyed the content, despite it being a big bohemoth […]

  • Peets on Beach, Fior D’Italia, Pellegrino, That Loop Radio Station, Coffee Saves Lives

    Peets on Beach The testing of all the bakery items will now commence: – cinnamon roll. Good, not too sweet. Similar to what my Mom makes, which is quite good. Almost too large. – chocolate scone. Nice! I love these. The salty scone taste and the chocolate are great together. The walk to Peets on […]

  • Pips on Washington Square, Francisco Street

    Pips on Washington Square I’m quickly becoming a regular at this print shop. It’s got an amazing view of Columbus and Filbert, next to St. Peter and Paul church. For some reason I’m always at the print shop right before the post office closes, and the crossing guard is on full duty. That is a […]

  • Slow walk round the mountain

    Back to the earlier point of this blog, writing about walks. Now, this may be intensely boring. Walked up the Columbus Ave. strip yesterday at the after hour lunch period. It was one of those early autumn/late summer days. All of the tourists were at outside tables. Every table was packed. Walked by St. Peter […]

  • tunnels, cathedral hill, fleet week

    Tunnels Everyone writes about the hills of San Francisco, sure, but what about those tunnels? I’ve realized the magic of a few of them: Broadway Tunnel A great way of getting from Polk/Van Ness to Chinatown/North Beach. It runs directly under Russian Hill, well, in between the little trough between Russian Hill and Nob Hill. […]

  • what leader are you?

    What Famous Leader Are You? personality tests by c’est moi. write back and tell me what you are!

  • blue angels, cafe abir on Divisadero, Peets on Polk

    The local haunts of a city dweller, who has a wicked cold. Blue Angels Practice Flights Despite this awful cold, managed to hike up the three floors to my roof where I saw, and heard, the Blue Angels practicing. They flew out from Golden Gate Bridge, towards Mt. Tam, to Alcatraz, out to San Pablo […]

  • Union Square, early afternoon

    House of Pain Can you write an entire book about a life going to dentists? Because that would be the book of my life. I have gone through 5 dentists. I spent 3 hours in the chair today, 3 hours lost out of my life! I have profound respect for the technical developments of oral […]

  • working in SF, and Berkeley

    I have travelled so much for work, that working here is unique to me. A couple of reasons why it’s weird to work near where you live, from a chronic business traveller: 1. I describe evening activities and people know what I’m talking about 2. I can bring food from home, but I don’t, as […]

  • Aquatic Park

    Came back from a 1:15 minute stroll around the neighborhood. Returned book to library, then down mason to Bay, up around Fort Mason, by Aquatic park, up to North Point, then to ma house. The water in Aquatic Park is SO BLUE. Will I ever get up the guts to swim there??