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  • Day 13: Writing A Lot

    Because, as the title goes, I’m writing a lot, I’m not going to blog. I’m just going to reference a past blog post that is quite popular. My famous friend Wyatt McDill drives a lot of traffic here. Today, got someone clicking through trying to find Wyatt’s video of indie rocker Jeff Hanson: “This Time […]

  • Personality Shift

    A friend of mine recently had a cranial surgery. In a dream last night, I met him, and we hugged, and I noticed he had a different personality. Kind of carefree and happy. He’s usually happy when he sees me, but this was one of those overall personality shifts that you can sense when you […]

  • Tech Post #7: Women and Open Source (again!)

    Number of knitting blogs: 470,561 Number of blogs about Ajax: 365,793 Number of blogs writing fiction: 222,544 Joyce Park wrote a two-article “A Modest Proposal” (no reference to Swift*) on women in programming and the industry, why there aren’t more, and what to do about it. A lot of guys wrote back, and some very […]

  • Competitive Online Dating

    photo of Minneapolitan filmmaker Wyatt McDill, kung-fu-ing Competitive Online Dating This morning I read this article on sfgate about how the author gets kind of into her MySpace hottie photos. Her thoughts on dating in the world of MySpace reminds me of one of my favorite bar-stool tales. Ex-boyfriend Will – his MySpace profile actually […]

  • The Process of Police Investigations for Minor Things

    The Process of Police Investigations for Minor Things Spent a few hours on bike thief stuff today. Above is a surveillance camera shot of the man in action. My bike, and someone else’s in tow. I have a zillion or so images I’ll put on here. Standing around Central Station- a poor tourist from some […]

  • In Memoriam: Andrew Martinez

    I got a call today around 2pm from a friend telling me that Andrew had died. Well, friend said: “The naked guy has died.” And I knew he meant, well, Andrew Martinez, a friend from high school who made it his mission in college to be naked. In what I assume would be his thinking, […]

  • Sordid Embellishments on Real Life Bio (inspired by JT Leroy)

    Setting: Paul & Eddie’s, dive bar in sleepy Silicon Valley megawealthy suburb, the old Cupertino train station and “inn”. Year: 2006. Tumbleweeds blow by the Lexii. She takes a drag off of her latte. “There were men, a world of men. My mother drove me around Cupertino bars (there are 2) trying to sell me […]

  • Going the Speed Limit & Buried Ships

    credit to (I’m not) Breakin’ the Law Tried an experiment with my sis-in-law and mom: going the speed limit. It is actually quite relaxing. Can I say though the number of big trucks that tailgated me? It’s like they’re in their own la-la-land and finally realize they’re inches away from the bumper of a […]

  • fire! fire! and Warming Hut/Fort Point

    Fire! Fire! My brother in law, sister, and assorted friends were enjoying a glass of wine on the roof of my apartment yesterday. We were beseiged with mist, basically, since it was a really warm winter day but the precipitation was coming hard. Bro-In-Law goes, “I haven’t really been listening to you guys for the […]

  • SF, You Minx You

    My friend (see to the right, apple pie proud) recently posted a great pathetic fallacy that has inspired me as well, to tell the time when I was seduced by the city. The city being a lover, that is. That’s the pathetic fallacy part. A new literary phrase that I learned listening to a review […]