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  • bright shining silver light

    The sun shines on the cable car rails, and it’s this super bright winter light, it’s kind of amazing. Walking up the hill to Mason, where the cable car swerves off Columbus and up the hill, it’s like ribbons lying on the pavement, shining. I really appreciated the walk this morning because I had one […]

  • 3 minutes late. Can I get my 3 minutes back?

    Yeah it was awful yesterday. Got up, thought I was pretty organized, got in car, it was raining horribly. Took off towards the airport, horrible condiitions, ended up going about 30mph on 280, no less. Decided on short term since I was running late, parked a bit farther away than ideal (bad signs), then walked […]

  • beautiful winter days

    Oh these last two days in SF have been so beautiful, that kind of bright but mild winter sun all day! I did what Sally did and didn’t post when I had bad news to report… my sutures didn’t come out Thursday as planned, they weren’t ready, so Monday is the big day, but I’m […]

  • Plowed into by Bike Messenger (posted 4 days after event)

    So I got in an accident today at 4pm and went to the emergency room, etc. What happened was, on my way to get a latte, a victory lap for fixing a couple of server outages over the past few days, a bike messenger drove right into me. I flew back and hit my head […]