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  • Christmas Traditions… it’s for us.

    I talked to my sister yesterday, and she mentioned that our traditional Saffron yeast buns were the most popular at her kid’s school’s holiday craft fair. In that conversation we got around the crux of it: holidays are for us. Basically, as Swedes and as kids who grew up in a large, fun festive family, […]

  • Ideas to Creation 3: Jeanskirt

    Ideas-to-Creation: make a little pencil sketch and then create! Worked on a landscaping gig, then a beach cover, and now, altering some old jeans to make a tulip-shaped jeanskirt. Done! Very happy with results. The plan- take old black worn jeans and turn into jeanskirt. Read a few blogs, vaguely remember doing this ages ago, […]

  • Sewing Photo Story: Beach Cover

    So I thougth I’d take sequential photos of my latest sewing project: a beach cover for my sis! Here is my sister. Isn’t she cute? So we talked, and decided to make a beach cover that’s like one she has that is made of terry cloth, but will dry faster. I bought the fabric (last […]

  • Costume in Action

    Credit to Tudor Tailor– a great book you should buy, that may be a little advanced sewing-wise, but very interesting historical research on Essex wills & effigies. About the “plain townswoman”: This figure comes from a painting showing people under attack in Paris in 1572. It offers a rare glimpse of a citizen in incomplete […]

  • Sewing Machines

    So I have a week to make a lower-middle class woman’s Tudor costume. I spend the weekend reading about it out of town, on MOnday I do real paid work (girl has to eat!) and then, Tuesday go and buy the fabric and start cutting it out. I’m a piece-by-piece worker, mostly finish the bodice, […]

  • Finished Project

    Note, I wanted it to look like this: Well, done toa degree- the wicker boxes were for the old paint job, which looked like this: So I just need to add some accents & stuff. Going to use an old vintagey wallpaper behind la toilette (or so that’s the plan, if I have enough energy […]

  • Painting Rooms

    Finally got to a chore I’ve been meaning to do for 3 years. Painting my bathroom- that’s the color up there. And fixing the scars of two failed toilet paper dispensers. I also have been staring at the same painting flaws in that room- former paint is brick- little strays outside the lines onto the […]

  • Notes on Sewing Again

    Working on a cross-over dress with lining. w00t! Crafts, as a newly unemployed, fill the void somewhat. Or at least postpones the inevitable job-searching! BTW I’m free for lunches. When I was 16, I wanted to be a seamstress. I thought my life would be perfect if i got a small Victorian in downtown San […]

  • La Cloche

    I love these kind of skull caps. It’s a riff on the 1920s style cloche (French for bell) hats. Funny to think this was a feminist icon for so long, when now it seems fuddy duddy (Thoroughly Modern Millie and Bernice Bobs Her Hair). The modern (or poor, in its time perhaps) variant is knit […]

  • Social Networks: Real and Imagined

    I’m doing two totally new- to me- things this week. Joined Facebook, and I’m going to the Renaissance Faire. Two friends of mine responded to this newness with: “Facebook- why?” Ren Faire: “omg you are desperate for geeky guys.” What I read into those comments is that there is some supposition that neither are real […]