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  • Jock Post #1: Women in Sailing

    Above is a photo of sailing sensation Emma Sanderson, helping on a test ride with Hilary Lister, who is piloting her own boat, despite being a quadriplegic. Hilary ended up crossing the channel, actually , using her breath on tubes to steer the rudder and the sails. I went sailing yesterday with my friend Tink […]

  • Tech Post #3: Women and Open Source Code

    When do women write open source code? When it refers to knitting! No lie. I linked yesterday to Stine’s progress bar for WordPress Widget, and sure enough, its original usage, for her, was to chart several craft projects (a really nice Baptism/Christening gown is what I saw). I think it’s ironic that the invisible labor […]

  • What I Learned at WordCamp

    I went to WordCamp, which isn’t necessarily about words, but blogs. There are many who have already blogged about it, and even blogged about being blogged about. Because, what do you get if you put 100 narcissist, rabid self-documenters in one space for 12 hours? Lots of posts about it, real-time. She says, posting about […]

  • On Being A Woman.. In High Tech

    On Being A Woman.. In High Tech Biography by Washington Post editor, Katherine Graham, that the 60s in business, cavorting with Kennedy and the ilk, you were essentially ignored if you were a woman, and not young and pretty. This reminds me of a pet peeve with the Dot Com era, namely recently, Valleywag‘s adoration […]

  • fabric and boobs

    Think of that, on this: Or, I may do a dark rose (dark pink) chenille. That image is from this web site: indias & polynesia, which I got to by going here Pretty Pinks, Clever Cottons: 18th Century Fabrics. I’m really into period pieces. Not as much as my ex-roomie who ended up studying textile […]

  • Questions of Racial non-Identity, Feminism, and Kittens

    Here’s a little temple of heaven on a wet and wicked Tuesday. Racism Couldn’t sleep last night, and in the throes of daydreaming and anxiety thoughts, had an overwhelming concern that people would think my movie is racist. It’s good to question these things, it’s true, and I think when you talk about stuff, you […]