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  • Betty G: Chapter 8

    (a novel in progress) “Remember when Atari was big? We went to that place, I forget the name, but you have to ask for ‘the library,’ and it was the place everyone from Atari went.” My mom told me, across the table at Ideale, an Italian place in North Beach. “Well, we were there for […]

  • Betty G: Chapter 7

    (novel in progress) Betty had a loft near Fourth and Townsend, where the Caltrain disgorged workers every morning, and sent SF people to San Jose for jobs at Big Blue or other points South. In reality it was an infrequently used train station. Situated 15 minutes walking from downtown SF, through the winos and homeless, […]

  • Betty G: Chapter 6

    I walk into the bamboo-floored, decadently located house that the Dot-Com bought, or to be literal, the fallout from the Dot-Com. Perhaps it’s unethical and downright wrong, but I ended up making some great business deals near the end. Others were crying at lost millions, but I was working hard, cleaning up databases and flying […]

  • Betty G: Chapter 5

    (novel in progress) I lived on 16th and Mission, a block from 17th street, sandwiching the old Mission. Built right next to it a hundred years later, stood the new one like a big pink castle. Some of my new friends, the Berkeley grads, lived on that block benefiting from rent control, in a 6-unit […]

  • Betty G: Chapter 4

    (A novel in progress) I sat in two different cafes escaping the Internet so I could race through this book. First, at Cafe Capriccio in the sunshine, laughing out loud at parts, talking to a neighbor about it. He had read it 30 years prior. When I admitted I was laughing, he was surprised. “There’s […]

  • Betty G: Chapter 3

    I headed out one night to a coworker’s party. Lily had the rare position of being a girl who knew about computers. Her much older ex-boyfriend invited her (and me by unknown invitation) to a party at “one of the cute Victorians on Duboce.” We walked up the stairs and I felt this acknowledgment, that […]

  • Betty G: Chapter 2

    This is my Nanowrimo novel- the rest is kinda self-explanatory. Info here: Betty G I found the makeup brush in the flip out black leather case, of course. I rarely put things away so it’s a surprise when I do. I applied dark brown and grey lightly below the lashes and above, and because I’m […]

  • Betty G: Chapter 1

    (This is my Nanowrimo novel. Got started late. It’s inspired quite literally by the Great Gatsby. All chapters) Betty G Sometimes your parents say wise things. Usually they’re bugging you to visit more frequently, or complaining about the strange behavior of one of your siblings, but once in a while they actually tell you something […]

  • Singing in the Tunnel

    Vincent walked through the Broadway Tunnel. He wore his iPod earphones, and shoved his hands in the pockets of his black hoodie. The tunnel was long and spooky, but it sure beat climbing over Russian Hill. His beer buzz would dull out the pain, but he was barely sober enough to get home as it […]

  • Phantom Buses

    She waited at the 43 Masonic stop. It was getting dark in the Presidio, and she kept thinking of that hit and run cyclist a few years ago. Hit on her bike, by a car, and nobody ID’d the car or came forward. How hard would it be to get hit on the back of […]