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  • Day 16: Woah.

    6,376 words to go. I took yesterday off, and the day before that, meaning my little ruse of playing hookey and “working” for “cash” hasn’t helped one bit. Then there’s the late night dips into my DVR collection, and getting a beer with folks who of course are fascinating and interesting, and it’s social behavior […]

  • Day 13: Writing A Lot

    Because, as the title goes, I’m writing a lot, I’m not going to blog. I’m just going to reference a past blog post that is quite popular. My famous friend Wyatt McDill drives a lot of traffic here. Today, got someone clicking through trying to find Wyatt’s video of indie rocker Jeff Hanson: “This Time […]

  • Day 12: Waiting

    We watched them unloading containers yesterday afternoon, before even realizing that it was the same cargo vessel (thanks Jim) that caused an environmental disaster when it bashed into the bay bridge pylons, near Yerba Buena Island last week, 8:30AM. More news here. Turns out it was newly loaded up and heading out to Asia. Well, […]

  • Day 10: Procrastination

    From Beer & Chocolate, Chapter 2 “No, I don’t think so. Anyways, besides the massages, and organic cafeteria, the rumors are true, there are Segways all around. In fact, you could use a Segway getting from here to the office. That would so rock. When I’m down there, I’m like always on those things. It’s […]

  • Day 9: Hermitude

    From Beer & Chocolate, Chapter 2 Melanie walked past her cube then suddenly doubled back. “Oh good you’re here early. Have you heard?” “What?” “That press rag blog thing has gotten hold of our deal with Aspert. You have to go over there and convince them to stop hounding us.” “What?” Liz groggily asked. It […]

  • Day 7: ‘I Said So…’ and Meditation

    From Beer and Chocolate They drove through the city for a half hour and then across the Golden Gate Bridge, up 101 for another half hour until they were in the acres and acres of neatly laid out symmetrical rows of vines. She breathed in and tried to notice what was so different. The sea […]

  • Day 6: Focus

    Excerpt from Beer & Chocolate Saturday morning in the ghetto. She slept through five homeless people dragging their carts under her window on the sidewalk. Hundred drunken people stumbled by singing, crying, laughing and arguing when the bars closed at 2am. The bells of the Mission church struck loud and clear, pealing through her blinds […]

  • Day 5: Circling the Word Debt

    From: Beer and Chocolate “No, no, he thinks of me as his mother, or some cougar that’s dying to get my hands on some young jock.” “Um, no. I caught him checking you out at Wine. He’s definitely under the Melanie mojo. He didn’t seem like a shag’em and bag’em kinda guy.” Melanie didn’t blush, […]

  • Day 4: New Methodology

    “He’s just the right man for me. So strong, and cheerful. And I can really tell he likes me. It’ll be great, he can move here and we can…” Liz put her hand up. “Woah. Come on. You’re going into that whole overimagined dreamland before you even know the guy. He could be married. He […]

  • Day 3

    I have the main guy’s name, and a scene in my head. I need to have 5K and I only have 1K, but I’m in a good writing mode. Sitting in red chair, next to the window. Still in my pajamas, but I have about three hours to work before heading to the east bay. […]