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  • Killerizr: Bologna, MySpace & Vov

    Bologna Mikey dropped his Molinaris‘ sandwich- 5 kinds of bologna layered in white French roll goodness- on his desk. He made no attempt to unwrap it. “I don’t know how you can eat at any time before or after visiting the coroner,” he said to Sosa’s general direction. Sosa looked up from his Crackberry. “I […]

  • Killerizr: Wow, You’re a MicroCelebrity*? That is So Cool.

    Eric rode the N to Montgomery then walked to North Beach. He was going to the Opera Guild’s Bravo Club. It was at some dive bar in North Beach. He found out about it from Socializr. He was stalking his ex and found out she used this new social network aggregator, so of course he […]

  • Killerizr: WFH

    Beth stared out her window. The parrots were in full percussive glory in the eucalyptus and cypress trees of Telegraph Hill. She wanted to strangle each and every one of their petite green feathered necks. Not that she hated parrots, sure she saw the movie and loved the idea, but when they were screaming in […]

  • Killerizr: Drunk & Happy

    Tony drove home after work, the sun in his eyes as he crested Union Street. He swung a left up Leavenworth, then onto the sidewalk in front of his apartment. He cherished and loved every moment he didn’t spend looking for parking. He got his mail, switched on the TV and caught up on the […]

  • Killerizr: On a Roll

    Jane pushed her hands away from her. She tried to focus on the instructor’s soft soothing, carefully timed voice and exhaled noisily. She pushed her butt in the air. Fucking Boss (FB) kept her in a few hours after 5 so she missed the advanced class and was stuck in beginners. Fucking beginners. She wanted […]

  • Killerizr: Back In the Game

    Sosa squinted at the new LCD HD 25″ monitor. After solving the iMurder case, his boss had invested in a new computer setup. Flat screen monitor, a Blackberry, and a “wiki.” Sosa didn’t know what the purpose of a wiki was- he ended up forwarding emails to Beth. He liked the “crack” berry though. He […]

  • Killerizr: Love Me

    Tony decided not to walk, and instead take a ride down to work on his bike. Took him a while, but soon he was cruising on his Ducati, down Leavenworth. He looked out at Alcatraz swayed low to right on Union, sun on his back and facing Coit Tower. He was headed to work, which […]

  • Killerizr: Pedestrian Rush Hour

    Jane switched into her tennis shoes and hiked 10 blocks of sheer cliff, up Russian Hill via Pacific Ave, with the setting sun’s glare smack in her face. She had her iPod on but still couldn’t tune out conversations in her head from her manager, about how she couldn’t get weekends off to take classes […]

  • Poetic Interlude: A Song For My Hats

    This was my last moment with Hat #2. You fly off my head, and land in the bay drifting far, far away. Captain calls for man overboard She wants to circle five times with boat hook in hand I tell her, some brother-in-law left it at my house one weekend. I don’t want to circle […]