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  • Review of Trader Joe’s Marinated Meats

    Update: May 11th I could write about something meaningful like Ferguson, but instead, I’ll review the marinated meat aisle of Trader Joe’s. I’m a working mom, with an infant. I love cooking, and have this idea of cooking for my small family each night. The reality, of course is “fend for yourself,” — FFY– eating […]

  • Chicken Pot Pie, and other uses

    My New Year’s Resolution was to be more thrifty. To this end, instead of buying a few chicken breasts the other night, ($11-15 at Trader Joe’s) I bought a whole chicken ($8). Then, ended up stretching it to about 6 meals, not exactly on purpose. Meal 1: Roasted chicken (Rinse chicken, cover with olive oil, […]

  • 4 Great Honeys

    From left to right we have: Name: Golden Gate Honey Purchase location: Warming Hut at Chrissy Field Bee/hive location: Golden Gate Park Nectar/Plant source: eucalyptus, blackberry General tasting notes: Not my favorite (as you can see from the amount I used). I was so excited to get, but kind of ho-hum. Probably need to eat […]

  • Fish Hash

    New recipe from The Jungle Effect, with my own twists. 3 red small potatoes or yukon gold, sliced 1 small fillet of white fish (I just ask at the counter what is inexpensive & local) fresh sprigs of rosemary olive oil 3 cloves garlic (peeled, whole) salt, pepper 1/2 T butter 1 T milk Heat […]

  • Moroccan Stew

    This is a recipe I copied down from my mom who had it in some Mediterranean diet book. I looked it up a few years ago and couldn’t find it. It totally rocks, btw. Based on the tagine kind of flavoring. I remember cooking this and eating it for lunch for a week. I’d look […]

  • Fridge Frittata

    A quick recipe for a weekday- a frittata made from random things in your refrigerator.

  • Borsht (or borshch)

    Russian tour friend made this borshch*, and I compared it to my beloved Time/Life Russian book, authors Helen and George Papashvily, 1969, part of the Foods of the World series. Carrots, or no carrots? Pork, or no pork? Sounds like it’s a regional difference. Here’s everything the Time/Life book has to say about this soup. […]

  • Horseradish Soup

    “Pepparrot oppa,” my host Ă–sten explained, pointing to the delicious lemony, cream soup. He tried to explain- it grows in the ground, like a potato but not a turnip. Finally I got up and handed over the Swedish-English dictionary and they looked it up. Horseradish soup! I looked through my mom’s many, many recipe books […]

  • Travel Food Notes Part 2: Thursday Split Pea Soup

    Here is the Thursday split pea soup- I read in the Time/Life books that Swedes always have this soup on Thursdays, and so I was very excited to sit down at a museum cafe and eat one, on Thursday. It’s a “fish Friday” institution, that you don’t want to make meat on Thursday as you […]

  • Travel Food Notes: Part 1 Fish Salad & Horseradish

    My host in Sweden, Ingrid, served me horseradish soup one of the last nights, and I loved the peppery creaminess of it, so I roughly recreated the recipe yesterday for my Dad. From Epicurious and altered. Ingrid said she bought it at the store and re-heated. 1. The hard part is finding fresh horseradish. Whole […]