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  • Staying in on Friday Night

    Long rambly bit about how I had too many things to do last night, knew I should go to the gym, but just on the offchance, dropped my friend Kathy a note about what she was doing, and she was like- “That’s funny I was going to as YOU.” So gym was out- slothing at […]

  • Selling Shit and Postage

    I’m selling a lot of books on Amazon, as I clean out my study. I have finally used up my book of 60¢, 70¢ and 80¢ stamps from the era where I was trying to get my novels picked up by a publisher or agent. So now, somewhat ironically I’m using the postage to ship […]

  • Dot Com For Locals

    Two things inspire me to write this, one, that I was reading Fortune’s Web Celebs and a post about it got a snarky comment from a local. The other thing- a new friend of mine that’s also local, and when she told me about her travels in the 90s, she and her friends basically took […]

  • Marathon Urban Hike, #16

    Headed out the first day of 2007 with two buddies- Kathy & Lauren– to do an awesome urban hike. First we had to meet Kathy at Polk & Sacramento. The idea was to walk there but we were getting short on time. So we walked up the steepest ever part of Russian Hill – to […]

  • Fisherman’s Wharf Treasure Hunt

    Lauren’s photos *team 1*, My photos *team 2* We’re ready, we have the hints, the map, everything, only thing is it’s raining cats and dogs. Someone comes into the bar and says it’s not raining anymore and we’re off. Well it was more like- we stand around discussing whether we want to go or not, […]

  • Ginseng Oolong

    Walking back from the theater the other night my friend and I stopped in a Chinatown tea house to sample some tea for free. (Vital Tea Leaf). As these things usually go I’m a huge sucker and end up buying something. I bought some of the best tasting tea I’ve ever had. It looks like […]

  • Ba-Uh-More

    Things I appreciate about Baltimore, at least what I’ve seen of it, which isn’t a lot. These great deciduous woods. And how there’s a reason to look like someone from an LL Bean catalog- I mean, it’s cold there. Really cold. Burn the tip of your nose with freezing wind, cold. The interesting accent: “Li-uh-ih-uh-lee” […]

  • I Am Not Chick Lit

    Breaking news… got an SMS from the Real Jelly (she’s aliiiiiive!) about how she’s in Target, and saw our friend’s book for sale. The book? “This Is Not Chick Lit”. The friend? Elizabeth (link to the right on blogroll). Oh so many feelings… pride! Go Beth! Sadness… are we the women in curlers roaming the […]

  • Trader Ho’s

    I live very, very close to Trader Joe’s. I haven’t won the bag raffle yet. What gives? Has my luck turned?? Anyways, a friend came over the other night and I made my “dinner in a bowl” – well, actually stolen from my sister- it’s the green thai dish below- and I realized, it may […]

  • Upon a BBQ Heading Into Night, part 2

    Upon a BBQ Heading Into Night You, me, this guy, we’re talking about the weather, How it’s warmer once the fog comes in. And Upper Haight is beyond the fogline. He mans the barbecue, says: “The guy before wasn’t doing it right. It’s about keeping the lid on, then removing it, Giving the meat lots […]