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  • Rain, Fire, and Movie URL

    my old apt, burned (credit to igmom) Rain and Fire Realizing while driving to work today through really sodden streets downtown, that it’s not El Nino, no, it’s Global Warming! The rain is getting me down. At least I’m not experiencing the high winds and buckets of rain on the Bay Bridge like I was, […]

  • Bocce, NoisePop, Locations

    Bocce Ball Courts Not sure if anyone remembers the earlier post regarding how they are not using oyster shells in the bocce ball courts, but I do, and so for this travesty I inspected the courts. They look interesting. I’m glad it’s opening up this corner of the DiMaggio park and library. NoisePop Managed to […]

  • Vote on Blog Shift, Homebound, Thunderstorms

    near Land’s End, the path behind Legion of Honor backwards first! Thunderstorms In talking to my sister, who lives in an area with real weather, I noted proudly, “we’re supposed to get thunderstorms today!” Wrong. Never got them. Sure, the pavement was wet outside, but no big rattling dramatic bolts from heaven. Must our weather […]

  • Notes from Local North Beach Shopkeepers

    random old broken down building on John St. (not ping pong place) photo: me! That robot-ping-pong place For months it was closed, but now I walk by it and can peek in the door, and I see a big ping pong table. Last week tons of kids from school were in there. Is it a […]

  • Recap of North Beach Newspaper, Shipwrecks

    photo: Fort Mason North Beach Newsletter There was a pile of North Beach Newsletters in my apartment building’s lobby this morning. I used to love to read the Cupertino Courier for its Sheriff’s blotter. One day, a very special day, there was an item in there that would go down forever in my mind in […]

  • Mermaid Lane, a study in cuteness

    Mermaid Lane Mermaid Lane, Pacific Grove It’s this long block near Lover’s Point, in Pacific Grove, which is an old Methodist revival camp down in the Monterey Bay Area. I love this block. It’s got that kind of hippie, seaside community feeling. I really, really want the town to have Hippie Day, which would be […]

  • Museum of North Beach, Jumping the Shark, or, Ritual Roasters

    doesn’t this just scream Rice-a-Roni? Museum of North Beach It’s inside a bank and up a staircase, on Stockton at Columbus (the Chinatown side). I had always wanted to go in.. I’ve seen it a lot since it’s near East Wind Books and another new Beijing-style bookstore. The museum is cute. It’s got the vestements […]

  • Planning Your Weekend in SF, Cover Bands, Scoring Free Newspapers

    Weekends Being a “live-in-SF” bay area person, you meet certain… challenges… in planning your weekend. This is how mine evolved: — conversation with Mom about going to her house, and parents coming to mine, in a kind of cheap vacation swap. They have a nice pad in Monterey, so we would have both gotten the […]

  • Yank Sing

    Yank Sing The phone was ringing at the ungodly hour of 9am, then again at 10am, and I was sure it was a crisis in marketing land. But no, it was a friend inviting me to enjoy dim sum! So I hopped on the old bike and arrived there in ten minutes. This is the […]

  • SF Bike Loop, the Tee Off

    SF Bike Loop, The Tee Off From 1:00 to 4:00 I was doing the above bike ride, on my crappy old bike. I will do the same route again with my new bike and compare! One problem, of many with crappy old bike, is that I only have three workable gears and they’re all at […]