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  • Going the Speed Limit & Buried Ships

    credit to (I’m not) Breakin’ the Law Tried an experiment with my sis-in-law and mom: going the speed limit. It is actually quite relaxing. Can I say though the number of big trucks that tailgated me? It’s like they’re in their own la-la-land and finally realize they’re inches away from the bumper of a […]

  • SF at Night

    Above photo credit to Carroll Elizabeth San Francisco at Night Because of sickness and a bad adaptibility to jet lag, I’ve seen a lot of SF in pre-dawn and nighttime. I still love it to bits. First an explanation! The above photo is one of those vacation picks that just cracks me up, next to […]

  • maritine museum, bar pilots

    Randomly today, on my walk around Aquatic Park, I decided to stop at the Maritime Museum on Beach Street, right across from the Dolphin Club and in the Argonaut Hotel. Wow, it was an excellent exhibit and I ended up staying over an hour, up to closing time. A few key things you shouldn’t miss […]

  • SF, You Minx You

    My friend (see to the right, apple pie proud) recently posted a great pathetic fallacy that has inspired me as well, to tell the time when I was seduced by the city. The city being a lover, that is. That’s the pathetic fallacy part. A new literary phrase that I learned listening to a review […]

  • Up Grant Street and Labyrinth

    I keep on finding interesting routes to common destinations. On the way back from Film Yard, the video store, this afternoon, I found a cool intersection. One alley between another, Pfeiffer and something (not on mapquest) between Chestnut and Francisco. Really charming! In a kind of undiscovered way (impossible since it is one block off […]

  • Driving to Civic Center

    Ah, Jury Duty. It’s over! Notes on traversing from North Beach to Civic Center: – there are many ways to cross over Nob Hill/Russian Hill – many people, though they live in SF, drive everywhere – the observation above is not related to your income level – the parks in Civic Center are very pleasant […]

  • In the news…

    The walk to work today was kind of uneventful. They’re still cleaning the Transamerica building. There’s some project of painting the sidewalk grey and after a few days adding sand (Cafe Macaroni is the latest). Some guy was getting a tai chi stick lesson in the park. It was bright and sunny with a nice […]

  • boycott norton’s vault AND bad translator!

    First, walking to work right outside of Bikram yoga/convenience store, saw cable car stopped, and brakeman leaning out asking a small, elderly Asian man if he needed an ambulance. Man and woman were huddled on the sidewalk with a 20-something blond (turns out British) woman who is on the phone with ambulance. She showed me […]

  • Monterey, Sutter street

    My ongoing doctor & dentist visits during the day compose the new commute, the “Sutter Street” walk. You go by about a million Academy of Art buildings. They have started renting out about a fourth of San Francisco. Lots of diminutive men and women in post-high school bohemian rhapsody, wanting to get into fashion or, […]

  • purpose of this blog

    Originally, it was actually a workout blog that I was going to share with my mom and sis’s, but now it’s evolved into a “local color” blog after several life events meant I was going to move to a new neighborhood, and my exercise and appreciation of my new neighborhood combined in daily walks to […]