Category: local color

  • today, obsessed by french lady

    I surruptitiously read the book everyone’s reading, French Women Don’t Get Fat, and she doesn’t mention anywhere my lovely milk and cookies pre-bed snack. Dagnabbit. These people kind of share my thoughts on it, and they’re French, and so therefore they are right… discusison on French Women. For th record though, there are some interesting […]

  • irrelevant historical markers

    OK, there are some historical markers that are cool, like the one that shows the sunken and abandoned ships at Embarcadero and Francisco, I believe. Then there are ridiculously lame ones like the one pointing out the original owners of a business building that still looks boring and businessy. I mean, do we really care […]

  • tsunami SF style

    Well we had a downpour, but when I started walking it was only little drizzles. Neighbor at work says that Embarcadero is flooded. Bit of gladness I decided not to walk that way this morning! Italian pottery seemed kind of odd and tacky this morning, bright, yes, but tacky. I made a point to check […]

  • Depressing 11/3rd…

    Everyone is glum. Entire train into downtown full of glum people. On an upper note I feel my scar itch and that means it’s healing. Tonight I’m going to plow into 3,000 + words on novel. I’m not super motivated I have to say. Feeling really tired after a long lunch w/ friends bemoaning the […]