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  • Ghetto Block

    Trying to get out and walk consistently (no cafe/shopping breaks) for 45 minutes a day. Walked an old route yesterday, along Aquatic Park, over Fort Mason and back along Bay. Decided to detour down to North Point and check out an acquaintance’s burrito shop- closed. This block is kind of ghetto, not sure why. Strangely, […]

  • Me & Comcast CSRs

    I want to get cable, as a little personal perk to my life. It’s indulgent, I know. So I am excited and giddy to get this new toy. My interchange with ComCast trying to buy cable, though, has left me a little sour. I go online and simply order 2 things: basic digital & HD. […]

  • Cash Free Weekend

    (an attempt to live without cash for 2 days, until my bank is open on Monday.) Sat 7:00 PM On way back from movie realize wallet has been lost/stolen. Sat 7:30 PM SMS friend to take me out and buy me dinner. Sat 9:30 PM Read book, watch Ugly Betty online. Make pasta, tomato, and […]

  • Easter Sailing

    I forgot how much I love to sail. Invited myself to crew today on Tink’s boat. There weren’t a lot of boats out- we thought because of it being a holiday- in reality, probably more because of the bad conditions. A guy helped us lead the boat into the slip after our sail, and commented […]

  • Run Ragged

    5:50 AM: Hear the adorable voices of my niece and nephew in the other room playing cars. They had been up for an hour. 6:30: First cup of coffee 6:35-7:30: Read 2 chapters of A Little Princess. After Captain Crewe dies of “business troubles, and influenza,” explain terms: diamond mines, poverty, orphans, and “how could […]

  • Good Lighting

    I love that photo. Took the Cable Car to John Barleycorn last night around 6:45 and it was the warmest twilight ever. Took a ton of fuzzy photos of Grace Cathedral, then turned to the expensive, affluent, but non-photographed side of Nob Hill and took this one. I didn’t know until I previewed it on […]

  • South Bay Low Profile: Coffee Society

    Conversation on chat today: “AOL has had a high profile in Mountain View since the acquisition” (Yes me and my friend regularly have very professional, boring conversations about local companies.) I thought about her comment, and replied: “I’ve had a low profile in Cupertino since I moved to France in 1995.” So I thought that […]

  • Re-entry

    Coming back from Tahoe last night, I had a “slow re-entry” (thanks nancy for the amazing metaphor) into my super crowded lifestyle. On vacation it was: wake up by 10am to hit the breakfast buffet, and minor worries about getting to the Summit Station 2 km away for more skiing. Now, I have to pack […]

  • Ideas to Creation

    I’m cleaning out my study – it’s a month-long project, and I came across this drawing I did of a landcape plan for my parents’ yard. This is a detail of a front view of the left-side corner. At the time I did the plan, it was dirt. Now: My mom had hired two contractors […]

  • Mail (No, Not Male) Obsession

    I have a minor fetish with mail lately- postage, the process of mail, etc. It’s out of a Millhauser book. Large, ornate, working process that runs smoothly enough to be functional. Neat that some businesses hinge on it, like NetFlix, for example. So coupla thoughts on Mail: Thanks to coworker in Portland, who dug these […]