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  • No! Not the SFC! (strong female character)… enter, the Lady Boss

    The other day I put it out there on Twitter: find me a TV series that has a executive-level female character without a fatal flaw (I’ll nickname her Lady Boss). Because you know there are tons of strong male characters with little flaws, but nothing really bad. And it’s fun, to vicariously live in their […]

  • Don’t Call It An App

    Tell me what you think- wrote an article on “appiness” — no, it’s not a Cockney pronunciation of happiness, but the trend towards ever increasing complexity in online interfaces, that makes them ineffective and “appy”.

  • Dollhouse… the last episodes

    Yes, the Dollhouse has sucked, but lately, it has rocked. Supposedly Josh Whedon had to let the network dominate the first few ones, and the difference couldn’t be more stark. Ethical issues come up – argued with a friend of mine whether this was about Stockholm Syndrome, and on IMDB a rape/prostitution thread is raging. […]

  • Redheads & Pratfalls

    Bravo is rebroadcasting West Wing, and I’m watching it again. I used to watch it devotedly while I was traveling, in the late 90s, and now I’m trying to watch it in order. This was going to be a feminist review, but now it’s just a review-review. I don’t like Sorkin’s writing- it’s a bad […]

  • Career Day

    I’ve been thinking a lot about careers, day jobs, etc. and Too Beautiful, writer Mark Pritchard’s blog today talks about Janice Erlbaum’s post, which was an email from a student attending one of her talks. The student asks 5 questions, and Janice, and Mark, both answer them. I thought I’d take a stab at it […]

  • My Humps

    Ah, hilarity!

  • Blog Books

    First, random thing, I got to show my 9 yr old niece this video: I know it’s been out forever, but still. It’s great. So one benefit of a 9-yr-old’s party is hanging out with her cousin’s parents, who are: a filmmaker, and a book editor. So we’re having a lively conversation about one of […]

  • Staying in on Friday Night

    Long rambly bit about how I had too many things to do last night, knew I should go to the gym, but just on the offchance, dropped my friend Kathy a note about what she was doing, and she was like- “That’s funny I was going to as YOU.” So gym was out- slothing at […]

  • Flashdance Vs. Footloose

    There are two people in the world. Those that prefer Footloose, and those that prefer Flashdance. Me: Footloose. Literary analysis of plot character motivation and themes. Method? Post-structuralist, baby. OK it’s been 10 years since I did any form of serious literary anything, so it’s a shallow attempt, and yet, I try.   Protagonist’s Occupation […]

  • Justin Timberlake is a God

    The sequence of my indoctrination into Church of Justin Timberlake. First, all Christmas vacation have PaxilBack on your mind. (thanks to Rebecca, who showed me it first). Then, during Xmas, read Laughing Squid and saw this spoof of his SNL skit that was censored. So he’s inspiring some pretty clever people. Movie, from GeekEntertainment. SNL […]