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  • Feeling Caught Up

    I would usually write little posts about all these things, but in the lazy person that I am I’m consolidating into one “random bits” post. Makes me feel caught up. WordCamp 2007 I only managed to catch 3 sessions- a bit of the User Interface one, which some reported was the best talk, Matt’s “state […]

  • Best Small Team

    Something about last night’s pub trivia was magical. I got there at the same time as I’ve gotten there last four weeks (I’m compulsive, I know). 8PM, to get a table. I chatted with a guy at the bar, then saw some people leave and swooped in on their table, beating out other folks waiting […]

  • Killerizr: Social What?

    Mikey pulled on his jacket and headed to the stairs to get his car from the parking garage. He had Beth’s list in his hand- the list of the final few suspects that converged with his own list, determined by real detective work. It took him 30 minutes to get to Cole Valley and park, […]

  • Jury Duty & the Social Death that is SOMA

    I’m on my third day of the incredibly inefficient system of the jury selection process. I’m at the 6th & Bryant courthouse. Next to my court room, another courtroom has a sign on the door: No drinking. No eating. No reading. No newspapers. No sleeping. No talking. Pretty much sums up my life, and why […]

  • Cash Free Weekend

    (an attempt to live without cash for 2 days, until my bank is open on Monday.) Sat 7:00 PM On way back from movie realize wallet has been lost/stolen. Sat 7:30 PM SMS friend to take me out and buy me dinner. Sat 9:30 PM Read book, watch Ugly Betty online. Make pasta, tomato, and […]

  • Personality Shift

    A friend of mine recently had a cranial surgery. In a dream last night, I met him, and we hugged, and I noticed he had a different personality. Kind of carefree and happy. He’s usually happy when he sees me, but this was one of those overall personality shifts that you can sense when you […]

  • Friday Night in North Beach

    So I am at work and decide to catch dinner with some coworkers and their friends, in North Beach. I knew about some other happenings in town- Yelp party at Voda in Union Square- but when folks want to go to your neighborhood, it’s very hard to go anywhere else. Tosca We started here, cramming […]

  • The Long Weekend

    I headed into this weekend with an amazingly great bottle of wine, a splurge, enjoyed with my mom and a friend, on the roof of my apartment, before teaching mah jong for four hours in Caffe Trieste. My friend Lauren goes, “We are the local color.” Draining, but it’s great training friends so I can […]

  • Stockton Post Office

    Overheard at the post office: (woman on cell phone) [loud buzzer goes off as she enters post office] “Yeah, so it was really nice, because we weren’t hanging out with Patrick, which is what we usually do, it was just he and I, and we talked and got to know each other. I felt more […]

  • Notes on the Mission, Having Since Moved

    My Thoughts on the Old Neighborhood I stood outside of a new store opening yesterda, Aldea (sp?) on 17th between Valencia and Mission, accompanying a security detail friend. The neighborhood has not changed in the year I’ve been away! Still everyone looks the same in the artfully casual way of wanting to look different. There […]