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  • fire! fire! and Warming Hut/Fort Point

    Fire! Fire! My brother in law, sister, and assorted friends were enjoying a glass of wine on the roof of my apartment yesterday. We were beseiged with mist, basically, since it was a really warm winter day but the precipitation was coming hard. Bro-In-Law goes, “I haven’t really been listening to you guys for the […]

  • ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod

    Not many great things make me sound like a snively 13 year old again except for… I found a Peets 3 blocks from my house!!! I was out walking along my favorite route so far, down columbus (too noisy!!!) to Hyde St. cable car turnaround, down along Aquatic Park. Then out along the pier turn […]

  • neighborhood notes Kind of addicted to this site: Tracks what music you’re listening to, gives you “neighbors” and lets you stalk, I mean, check up on what your friends are listening to as well. I’m “banane71” if you want to befriend me. I only have 1 friend. And it’s some intergalactic person. Anyway… Overheard Overheard […]

  • Stairwalks of SF, The Ski Jump, Bay Cruise

    I’ve had a busy leisure life apparently, because not only have I done some cool SF touristy things, but had no time to write about it! Stairwalks of SF My buddy (good news for optimists, on right) and her buddy, et moi, went on a “stairwalks of SF” hike on Sunday, I believe. I was […]

  • Sunny day, summer solstice

    Trying to catch the bus, finally got a 30 going downtown after walking up “the hill”. This is the new technique, halfway bus riding to work and back. Mostly to coddle my foot, but also because I woke up late, and to walk to work, get coffee, and head to massage appt., I didn’t have […]

  • awkward day

    Today is one of those days where I woke up ungodly late, and still (2 hours later) feel really out of it. The sun was super shiny, and it was hot going the entire walk. The little coastal breezes whizzing down through the skyscrapers, even downtown, were a welcome respite from the hot sun. So […]

  • 30 stockton day 3

    Overheard, two adolescent Asian boys. “Have you hard Mosh from Eminem?” “Yeah, duh.” “It rocks.” “Yeah?” “It’s like, about Bush.” “Huh.” “Like, AK47s and stuff.” “Dude.” Makes me think, at this rate of acquisition, that Eminem should have released his song years before the actual election, not a few weeks. They also talked in depth […]

  • 30 stockton day 2

    Man on the bus, old guy, disheveled hair, tweed coat, a bit of a head tremor. “Show the man your pass!” He yells to everyone boarding the Stockton. First it was just another old guy who looked kind of scared and walked down the bus towards the driver. I thought both old guys knew each […]

  • teetering on the curb

    Ah, hangover. The walk to work today would have been brilliant minus the hungover feeling. I was out early, judging by the number and state of ladies in the park (the tai chi clock). They were pinwheeling their arms and doing little knee bends in preparation for the mass exercise. Last night managed to get […]

  • On the Roof

    the roof of my house has a great view of Coit Tower, Angel Island, maybe Golden Gate Bridge. People see all kinds of things. Friend last night wanted to find work, downtown. Seemed weird to kind of peer through the skyscrapers to find the structure you work in every day. And to your back is […]