Category: nostalgia

  • Painting Rooms

    Finally got to a chore I’ve been meaning to do for 3 years. Painting my bathroom- that’s the color up there. And fixing the scars of two failed toilet paper dispensers. I also have been staring at the same painting flaws in that room- former paint is brick- little strays outside the lines onto the […]

  • Swimming

    I devoted 15 minutes to lap pool swimming yesterday. I happened to take Soy protein that day to boost my energy, but it was not worth it in the end. Let me tell you why. I had biked, done a circuit, and had another biking in front of me (though only 1.7 miles). It was […]

  • Notes on Sewing Again

    Working on a cross-over dress with lining. w00t! Crafts, as a newly unemployed, fill the void somewhat. Or at least postpones the inevitable job-searching! BTW I’m free for lunches. When I was 16, I wanted to be a seamstress. I thought my life would be perfect if i got a small Victorian in downtown San […]

  • Spring Cleaning

    For me, it meant the low tech solution of plain old soap, water, a rag and a lot of elbow grease to wipe down the white (!) railing on my balcony that had collected tons of SF city grime. Then the high tech solution of amping my wi-fi to 5gHz and stop leaching off of […]

  • gridswap & mornings

    I’ve been working for a long time on: gridswap. I took this script: drag & drop from the god of all things DHTML and UI: Walter Zorn! My goal was to get people to be able to pick up and drop books from month to month in a yearly calendar. The complexity is that the […]

  • The Wasperly Arts

    (as in, the Sisterly Arts) I decided not to drive down to Monarch Butterfly Heaven this weekend- Pacific Grove, CA, Butterfly Town!- because going there and not being able to enjoy the wasperly arts, tennis & golf, high tea, walks along the sea, would be some form of odd torture. Instead I sit in this […]

  • Veteran’s, I mean, Valentine’s Day

    This afternoon I read some great posts on Valentine’s Day by my buddies, so I thought I’d dive in too. About a year ago I decided to embrace the many years I’ve been dating, instead of sweeping them under the rug. I was at Stella’s on Columbus- home of a beautiful, simple, sweet Opera cake- […]

  • art school break

    I’m recovering slowly from being sick, and strangely one or two things really stood out as what I miss most about being healthy. How, when you’re healthy, you don’t really think about your health. I mean, you do, but not as #1 important thing going on in every moment– that self-consciousness about your body and […]

  • South Bay Nostalgia: Software Meet-ups

    I have a huge fat soft spot for the South Bay. I drove down last night- 1:10 h:m from Emeryville! – to meet up with some developers who are doing the same kind of work I’m doing for my Business Idea. So many things threw me back to being 16 again. – That it is […]

  • South Bay Daze

    I’m visiting old friends, and they’re showing me around their new house in Santa Clara. While we reminisce, her husband starts cleaning the pool. He drags the net, on a long pole, slowly around the surface. I make some quick remark about how it’s like a zen sand garden. I’m in the sun, shielding my […]