Category: nostalgia

  • 9/11 From SF

    Just finished reading Penelope Trunk’s 9/11 Memoir. I had no idea she was in the heart of it. Reading that reminded me of my experience of the day, when you think of yourself at the same moment, 2000 miles away. I was on a rare break between West Coast contracts and grounded. The place where […]

  • Overhearing Neighbors

    Inspired by a post of Nancy’s on Tall Glass of Vino about overhearing neighbors- she wants to knock on their door and say, “Yes, I too know why your relationship isn’t working out.” Mimickery being the best form of flattery, thought I’d riff on that too. Grew up in a dense housing situation (DHS), and […]

  • Vacations

    First, this quote, which I read this afternoon and it’s stuck with me. I’m reading Nancy Mitford’s The Pursuit of Love. But she was filled with a strange, wild, unfamiliar happiness, and knew that this was love. Twice in her life she had mistaken something else for it; it was like seeming someone in the […]

  • Stitch in Time

    I was taking a fifteen minute break by walking across the street to get a double-latte. So you want to increase your productivity. You take 15 minutes to get some beverage that will make you work twice as hard. Is that better than working for 30 minutes slower, than 15 minutes faster? I’m thinking a […]

  • The Flow of Stuff

    I was cleaning for the cleaner, and noticed a brown paper bag, at the bottom of a pile of bags, in my closet. It contained a few baseball hats, a few CDs, and a very, very small dark blue hoodie. I remember sister #2 (in age order) saying to me- but I couldn’t remember time […]

  • First Hike of Season

    It was sandwiched between a business meeting and a theater outing, so I really had to Day & Night Barbie (with a simple flip she turns from workaday to out-on-the-town). Walked up the PG&E trail, which is far more romantic than it sounds. It has a few very steep climbs and it’s challenging right at […]

  • Learning to Swim

    Some friends of mine are taking adult swim classes- whenever I read that on the calendar I think: do you have to wear pasties and G-strings? No, no no. It’s all very nice and mellow, about seven folks in their 30s with an instructor, in the 5ft. part of the Y, late at night on […]

  • Mistletoe & Earthquakes

    The mule on the left is Mistletoe. She carried 100lbs of his photography equipment. He did carry 50lbs, but let’s just say she’s the unsung heroes of those great Yosemite shots. Doing some trivia sleuthing for a friend, and couldn’t really find anything trivial about A. Adams. My favorite photography trivia is actually about Edward […]

  • South Bay Low Profile: Coffee Society

    Conversation on chat today: “AOL has had a high profile in Mountain View since the acquisition” (Yes me and my friend regularly have very professional, boring conversations about local companies.) I thought about her comment, and replied: “I’ve had a low profile in Cupertino since I moved to France in 1995.” So I thought that […]

  • Ideas to Creation

    I’m cleaning out my study – it’s a month-long project, and I came across this drawing I did of a landcape plan for my parents’ yard. This is a detail of a front view of the left-side corner. At the time I did the plan, it was dirt. Now: My mom had hired two contractors […]