Category: nostalgia

  • I was Internet Famous, in 1995

    I’m not kidding, I’m really not. Seriously. You think I am, but I’m not. No, I’m not. I did this list once that was famous because it was organized by children’s grades. nobody Did that, like, nobody. Woo hoo! I found it and had that kind of little “aw” moment- I was vanity searching and […]

  • Personality Shift

    A friend of mine recently had a cranial surgery. In a dream last night, I met him, and we hugged, and I noticed he had a different personality. Kind of carefree and happy. He’s usually happy when he sees me, but this was one of those overall personality shifts that you can sense when you […]

  • Dot Com For Locals

    Two things inspire me to write this, one, that I was reading Fortune’s Web Celebs and a post about it got a snarky comment from a local. The other thing- a new friend of mine that’s also local, and when she told me about her travels in the 90s, she and her friends basically took […]

  • Skiing

    I remember all the kids in third grade getting to be models for the local ski shop, Any Mountain. Well, it seemed like all the kids but me! My family didn’t ski. We went once to a hotel up in Tahoe that my mom got for some barter advertising deal in her magazine, and we […]

  • Tech Post #5: Me & MacWorld

    I printed out my MacWorld registration yesterday at work and had a few flash memories. Swapping stories with the creators of Myst, before the exhibit floor woke up. Trying to find my classroom to teach in, with my Faculty badge. Little stuff, but it placed me in a weird way. I’m excited about this year’s […]

  • 5 Things

    Yes, it’s a blog chain mail- meme- but also it’s short and sweet, really. This one is “5 things that you may not know about me”… and since the audience runs the spectrum, from new friends to old friends, friends in Turkey (Merhaba!) and France, (Salut!)- so it’s quite hard to find things that I […]

  • When I Got Old

    Read this lovely post Lauren wrote, “I’m Officially Older,” and was inspired to do my own Birthday Wrap-up. The Old Moment First though, Lauren talks about the time that she felt like she was getting old- nobody asked about her age, for fear of offending her. I remember joking with girlfriends about our age and […]

  • Later, You’ll Be Glad You Did It.

    His mom, Esther, with the spread of food- tacos were a big hit, and lasagna. Drove down to Cupertino today to attend Andrew Martinez’s Memorial. He actually died in May, but this was the press & “other friends” memorial, held on his birthday. There had been some issue about how the media had portrayed him, […]

  • Memorials

    Wrote about Andrew’s death, and my memories of him, here. Got an email from a friend that the public memorial is this Sunday, in Cupertino. “The memorial is set for 2 to 5 p.m. at Rancho Rinconada Recreation Center, 18000 Chelmsford Drive, Cupertino.” Also, memorial for my friend’s father, a very talented man, who died […]

  • Tech Post #4: BASIC

    Been chatting with friends about the Salon article “Why Johnny Can’t Code”. Author claims that because his son doesn’t have access to BASIC, he can’t do the crafty little sidebar BASIC math examples in his math book. Also, the code exercises are disappearing. He was, as the song goes, “singing my life with his words.” […]