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  • Fearing Failure

    A director friend at dinner the other night mentioned that people fear failure so much they won’t try new things. That it stunts the creative process, too. I’ve never had a problem learning in public- a contentious issue when I was learning Ruby on Rails recently. I asked this on FriendFeed the other day– “name […]

  • Feminism in Web 2.0: Cattiness gets me down.

    (part of a series on feminism in tech, in web2.0 world) On Friday, I witnessed some intense, intense cattiness. On Saturday, I was part of a great event – co-teaching Ruby on Rails to 80 some odd men and women who wanted to learn. It was truly touching, the companies and organizations that extended real […]

  • Ideas to Creation: Interview with Directeur of SocialWhoIs

    Note: you can get this t-shirt at North Beach’s Lola on Grant I went on vacation for a month. When I got back, my chat-buddy @directeur had created a new web2.0 site, SocialWhoIs. We’ve been talking for a while about this industry, and approaches to creativity in technology, so I thought I’d interview him about […]

  • Time to Create

    This is a good time to start a business. I keep saying that, wondering if it will come true the more times I say it. Why do I think it’s such a great time? – There are some amazing people who have time and energy – Said folks are very highly skilled – Last time […]

  • Technology

    Credit to Christopher Welle who won the caption contest. There were many good submissions, such as: “iTypewriter” – Baard Overgaard Hansen and “back when i was a kid we didn’t have typewriters, we had to make do with carved tablets of stone” – Cee Bee Also, credit to Bren for the photo, as he owns […]

  • Camping Improvements Since the 70s

    I just came back from a 4 day camping trip in the El Dorado Forest – great alternative to Yosemite, by the way! As I was comparing my gear to my sister & her husband’s, I started a mental list of vast improvements in camping technology since the stuff my parents had in the 70s. […]

  • tagclouds

    Ah, very cool. Created from here: Get your NSID from Flickr (view source on a photo page, search for “nsid”) Paste it into here, It will generate all of your tags, then it submits it to another site that generates the tagCloud. Neat!

  • Scriptaculous & Working Weekends

    I’m experimenting with various little user interface effects from Scriptaculous (hence the working weekend in the title). Try them out! Demo Effects Page I spent about a month getting my drag & drop to work using some code from a German guy, and here I could have used Scriptaculous to do it. I’m not sure […]

  • Humbled by CSS

    I’ve been putting in some long hours working on Annaboka (feel free to log in, check it out, give me feedback! and I’ve come full circle on one of my least favorite forms of self-knowledge, realizing you didn’t know what you didn’t know. I’ve been cruising around with a 1998 version of web engineering, […]

  • Talking to My Splogger

    So, mimickry is the sincerest form of flattery. Thursday, a man in San Diego copied my workblog and called it his own. He called me today (Saturday)- I had wanted him to call me if anything was unclear about my request, essentially to cease and desist use of my writing on his servers. He explained […]