Category: technology

  • Spring Cleaning

    For me, it meant the low tech solution of plain old soap, water, a rag and a lot of elbow grease to wipe down the white (!) railing on my balcony that had collected tons of SF city grime. Then the high tech solution of amping my wi-fi to 5gHz and stop leaching off of […]

  • gridswap & mornings

    I’ve been working for a long time on: gridswap. I took this script: drag & drop from the god of all things DHTML and UI: Walter Zorn! My goal was to get people to be able to pick up and drop books from month to month in a yearly calendar. The complexity is that the […]

  • Sliders

    Not the hamburgers. These are the little javascript things that make you feel like you’re mixing a record. I got it in my head that I wanted these for Annaboka, and here, about 4 hours later, I’ve integrated them and used them with a form. I’m disproportionately proud of myself. Not only did I get […]

  • Everything’s Backwards

    The drivers here go up Jackson, then let the break go and do a nifty backwards careen at an angle into the garage. The brakeman here is telling me, “Everything seems backwards, doesn’t it.” Because I was walking backwards – giving the legs a break- and their car was going backwards. I’m almost ready to […]

  • (Not) Writing For Money

    I met my neighbor at the gym- she’s a professional writer- and we ended up chatting on our way back to North Beach through parks and alleys, until our paths split. She was surprised that my day job didn’t involve writing, since we usually talk about each other’s novels in progress, and she knows I’m […]

  • Finishing Things

    I’m just alerting you to the fact that I am working on finishing my business idea, which is Annaboka ( anna+book, in Swedish. I am working on the login process, so the minute I iron out the irregularities, I will open it up to whomever is interested. I gave it an allotted time of 2 […]

  • Small Joys

    I hit three cafes yesterday in the search for wi-fi as I had to get out of the apartment for a few hours. Result? None. It was a combination of poor choices and downtown being a Saharan dessert during a bank holiday. On the 3-hour, 3-mile walk – including shopping errands, of course– I eventually […]

  • Creativity

    Chatting with a bunch of folks on the SF WoW mailing list on creativity- via programming, or crafts- and it led me to think in general that there are two buckets of creativity. On one hand- creating something whole, by yourself, from beginning to end, and on the other- group projects that have feedback. When […]

  • South Bay Nostalgia: Software Meet-ups

    I have a huge fat soft spot for the South Bay. I drove down last night- 1:10 h:m from Emeryville! – to meet up with some developers who are doing the same kind of work I’m doing for my Business Idea. So many things threw me back to being 16 again. – That it is […]

  • Music

    Just invested in some iTunes/Amazon MP3 songs- last two albums by John Legend & Anthony Hamilton, Bill Withers, and random songs from Charlie Parker, Damien Rice, Dave Brubeck… it’s the symptom of looking into other recommendation engines, and sitting in your living room doing a lot of work, and really enjoying good working music. Pandora […]