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  • Knowing What You Don’t Know

    I was waiting for my friend to get out of a meeting, and was sitting at Mario’s Cigar Shop nursing a beer, and reading about Ruby on Rails (RoR) vs. PHP. I’ve done object oriented programming, and server scripting, and I’m lazy and end up doing server scripting for any quick project. My haiku database […]

  • What Not to Blog

    I know, you shouldn’t tell the world you drank a lot, but hey, there were a lot of other people, well at least 5, and it was New Year’s Eve. In a rash of weirdness I asked the psychic that my friend hired for the party questions about my business idea. Now I know why […]

  • Deserved Success

    I had to unsubscribe from Laughing Squid and Valleywag for a while- I realized that despite writing two novels that lambasted a certain attitude expressed inside- if you notice most of my evil murderers/serial killers are tech journalists- I still had a weird hang-up about it. Laughing Squid is more of a social photo reporter […]

  • Business Idea

    I was up before noon the other day- I have a wacky schedule, mainly because I set my own hours. I woke up at 8am and took the F-Wharves to the Ferry Building. Uncommunicative and sleepy, I sat and read the New York Times and waited for my sister to join me. I’m really aware […]

  • WordPress Exploits and Patches

    I’m a big fan of WordPress, except for tonight when I’ve finally decided to conquer the random blog spam that has been happening to some blogs I administer. “WordPress Cookie Authentication Vulernability.” It’s an invisible kind of CSS appended to the bottom of a post, as a form no less. The realization is that the […]

  • Do Women Buy iPhones?

    Funny comment and observation in MediaPost’s bulletin: Do women own iPhones? I can’t tell from the latest set of ads, where only men gush about the device. One man loves the visual voicemail, although he chooses to skip the 4-minute message from the guy that owes him money. That would be the one I skip […]

  • Tech Post #14: My First iPhone Hack

    (sang to the tune of My Little Pony) I setup two customized ringtones! w00t! I heard a little bird say it at my geekfest at Pilsner Inn the other night, and it led me to do some heavy online research. This thread – not just the post, which I find cryptic, but the entire 30-thread […]

  • Tech Post #13: Notes on the New Purchase of an iPhone

    So I’ve had some bumps with my new iPhone purchase. Namely, either I or some wacko AT&T user interface bug got my phone number wrong. I had to get a new SIM and re-activate. Now it is 100% full working order, and after sitting at Pilsner Inn last night with two other power-users, I have […]

  • Social Networks: Real and Imagined

    I’m doing two totally new- to me- things this week. Joined Facebook, and I’m going to the Renaissance Faire. Two friends of mine responded to this newness with: “Facebook- why?” Ren Faire: “omg you are desperate for geeky guys.” What I read into those comments is that there is some supposition that neither are real […]

  • Sacrificing the Bawdy

    Just took a break to the coffee room and realized I just wanted to be playing this old video game tonight instead of going to the gym- sacrificing the body for the mind. In college lit classes my friend Ann and I (now an English literature professor!) had this inside joke that every time someone […]