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  • Feeling Caught Up

    I would usually write little posts about all these things, but in the lazy person that I am I’m consolidating into one “random bits” post. Makes me feel caught up. WordCamp 2007 I only managed to catch 3 sessions- a bit of the User Interface one, which some reported was the best talk, Matt’s “state […]

  • Baby Shower Cupcake Photos

    Taken on the macro setting with a Kodak v570 Dual Lens camera. Tried to do a closeup macro with fuzzy images of the proud parents in the background, but didn’t work. I love the detail on this photo- which ironically doesn’t come through very well on my MacBook but looks great on a 15″ flatscreen. […]

  • Carpe Diem

    I should probably write this on sf-metblogs, but what they hey. Went to Caffe Trieste twice yesterday, during one of the hottest days I’ve ever experienced in SF. Being in North Beach and being hot is no unique thing- but it being hot the entire day, into the night. I had this tiny interchange with […]

  • The Bo Po Mo Fo, or Zhuyin Grid

    PinYin Combo Chart- amazing grid. From Yellow Bridge. ba pa ma fa da ta na la ga ka ha za ca sa zha cha sha Just a snippet of what my instructor wrote on the board that fateful day of 101 Chinese. In chat this morning with my brother-in-law, we got in a protracted conversation […]

  • I’m a Bad Feminist

    I went to the pro-choice rally today – to protest the Supreme Court upholding the partial ban on abortion. And I wrote some pro-women comments on the whole Spock flare-up. I get pretty passionate about these ideas, but – and is it superficial and lazy of me- I only want to talk about them with […]

  • Me & Comcast CSRs

    I want to get cable, as a little personal perk to my life. It’s indulgent, I know. So I am excited and giddy to get this new toy. My interchange with ComCast trying to buy cable, though, has left me a little sour. I go online and simply order 2 things: basic digital & HD. […]

  • Technology Failures & Upgrades

    Lately I’ve had one or two things crap out on me: camera namely, car as usual, old laptop (replaced with MacBook yay!), TV (replaced but sitll need to hook w/ computer). New Canon camera died, in my purse with a small thermos full of coffee, that was leaking (made in china), and thus demolished my […]

  • Tech Post #12: Uploading Video

    So I usually loaf over to the Kiwi‘s desk at work and stare at his poster of a Maori rugby team- he offers some Kiwiisms– or we “get a cuppa” meaning the same conversation but standing next to the coffee maker. Yesterday, all of that random hanging-out time was justified. He asked me offhand what […]

  • Volunteering, Women in Tech, and CANWOW

    Me and my co-volunteers have been working our little hearts out on this big networking event Wednesday. So check it out- the CANWOW party at the Bubble Lounge Wednesday 5:30-8pm. Email if you want free admittance. If you’re a woman in tech and you’re looking for a job, or just wondering what’s out there, […]

  • Tech Post #11: Choosing Blogging Software

    (I feel this post is really incomplete- I could talk about a lot of other topics: the template system, the database architecture, the software architecture of the PHP scripts, etc. So this is more a “buying guide” then a real comparison!-B) I had the same conversation three times the other day. It was about Movable […]