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  • I was Internet Famous, in 1995

    I’m not kidding, I’m really not. Seriously. You think I am, but I’m not. No, I’m not. I did this list once that was famous because it was organized by children’s grades. nobody Did that, like, nobody. Woo hoo! I found it and had that kind of little “aw” moment- I was vanity searching and […]

  • Tech post #10: SHDH

    SuperHappyDevHouse15, shdh15, in Monte Sereno (formerly written: Los Gatos, so wrong! So wrong!). I spent a large part of the time at Super Happy Dev House talking to my mom via chat. Because she is my main “user” and knows the data really well, so I had to get all of the specs from her. […]

  • Tech Post #9: My (His) Alarm! & Other Stuff

    The other night I got this idea that my Mac could wake me up in the morning. I had been getting into this awful pattern of staying up until 3-5am and waking up from 12-2pm. My CD-radio doesn’t quite work- it only plays the first track of any given CD, on alarm, and the radio […]

  • Dot Com For Locals

    Two things inspire me to write this, one, that I was reading Fortune’s Web Celebs and a post about it got a snarky comment from a local. The other thing- a new friend of mine that’s also local, and when she told me about her travels in the 90s, she and her friends basically took […]

  • Tech Post #8: AppleTV on the (not so) Cheap

    I invested in a Sony Bravia 40″ LCD HD tv a few months ago. I mainly want to see the teacups, in the period piece DVDs that I own, really, really close-up and I even bought a ceiling mount tv to install it. I have been really happy with it, but because I didn’t get […]

  • Tech Post #7: Women and Open Source (again!)

    Number of knitting blogs: 470,561 Number of blogs about Ajax: 365,793 Number of blogs writing fiction: 222,544 Joyce Park wrote a two-article “A Modest Proposal” (no reference to Swift*) on women in programming and the industry, why there aren’t more, and what to do about it. A lot of guys wrote back, and some very […]

  • Tech Post #6: Defensive Learning

    Back in college, I got to know UNIX better because someone changed my “.profile” to 1-800-hot-sex. So when you log onto the system and type “who” to see who else is online, on the list of users is a girl named “1-800-HOT-SEX”. Hilarious! Needless to say, in the span of a day I learned how […]

  • Post-MacWorld Write-Up

    It’s not even over, though it’s over for me! Just don’t have the stamina anymore- and I’m so new to owning a Mac (2 months, now). These are random notes I wrote while walking around the exhibit floors yesterday. Ran into another writer– who I fear is far more geekier- and had a total flashback […]

  • Tech Post #5: Me & MacWorld

    I printed out my MacWorld registration yesterday at work and had a few flash memories. Swapping stories with the creators of Myst, before the exhibit floor woke up. Trying to find my classroom to teach in, with my Faculty badge. Little stuff, but it placed me in a weird way. I’m excited about this year’s […]

  • Web Favorites, daily reads

    These are my favorite sites to check in on. I use bloglines, so it keeps track of what posts I have read/ haven’t read. I don’t like the snark (gawker enterprises), so none of these sites are mean-spirited or vicious. SF/J . Sasha Frere-Jones, he’s got interesting photos- closeups of street life in NYC, and […]