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  • What people are looking for on

    I love reading the metrics reports on this site. I always have. I had a high on 11/10: 141 pages loaded, 45 unique visitors, and 5 returns. One random post about nude ladies in my gym locker room is the result of a query “Nude+ Gym” … and is the result of a search about […]

  • El Un-Dead, Elbogarting, and El St. John

    SJ 1/2 marathon– thanks chester & kate! To blog, or to journalize So a co-writer on a popular blog site, that I blog for lately, had an interesting run in today with real-world events. Or, should I say, I saw the distinction between what it is to be a blogger (or, blawgeur), and what journalism […]

  • Tech Post #4: BASIC

    Been chatting with friends about the Salon article “Why Johnny Can’t Code”. Author claims that because his son doesn’t have access to BASIC, he can’t do the crafty little sidebar BASIC math examples in his math book. Also, the code exercises are disappearing. He was, as the song goes, “singing my life with his words.” […]

  • Tech Post #3: Women and Open Source Code

    When do women write open source code? When it refers to knitting! No lie. I linked yesterday to Stine’s progress bar for WordPress Widget, and sure enough, its original usage, for her, was to chart several craft projects (a really nice Baptism/Christening gown is what I saw). I think it’s ironic that the invisible labor […]

  • Yet Another Tech Post: New Stuff

    SitePal So you make this little avatar person, and you give them something to say- you can also upload sound files. I had great fun having this girl first say “f-k”, then “I am a dork”, then she did a really good attempt at “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” in a kind of snotty, customer-service matter of fact tone. […]

  • Because Anna is Geeky, She Really Is

    The revelation that all I wanted to do on the Long Weekend was sit on my big blue couch, turn on the laptop, and finish the bug & feature set of Movie Haikus, led me to click on my “tech” category on the right and realize, I never write about technology. Here, then, is the […]

  • The Family Business

    from Mel’s Internet Universe I was inspired by Chester’s post the other day, to write about growing up in a family business. The business started as an advertising TV Guide free magazine, then evolved into a typesetting business (see photo above). Typesetters were yet another casualty (thank god) to the Macintosh. So, before PageMaker and […]

  • Top 6 Schwag in my Apt

    Reading Valleyschwag‘s blog, (vote for Jonathan & Matt!) realized I could do a little schwag report. So if you are your schwag, I would be a very geekie jock. It’s a sick day, I’m high on sudaphedrine, so endless myopic navel-gazing is permitted, no? When my dot-com closed the doors, I raced through the kitchen […]

  • What I Learned at WordCamp

    I went to WordCamp, which isn’t necessarily about words, but blogs. There are many who have already blogged about it, and even blogged about being blogged about. Because, what do you get if you put 100 narcissist, rabid self-documenters in one space for 12 hours? Lots of posts about it, real-time. She says, posting about […]

  • Games I Haven’t Played

    Lego Star Wars. OK, why would you take little toys of limited movement and use them as the inspiration for a digital game where you have basically no limitations like gravity, oh, real mass, or any of those pesky physical laws. Drugs I haven’t done… games I haven’t played… diseases I haven’t gotten (are those […]