Adding a UITableView to a View, with IB

Posted by banane on April 25th, 2012 — in iphone dev, technology

I love using Interface Builder– I know, I lose geek points by saying that. So I finally figured out this thing I’d always wanted to do: instead of just using an entire view as a UITableViewController, what if you want to use it like any other UI object, as a object within a View, and […]

No Social Networks Countdown: 2 Days

Posted by banane on April 6th, 2012 — in facebook, technology

Wow, 2 days to go. In retrospect, I’m loving the following (about this blackout): – Discovering some great writing (Jezebel, xojane, bookslut, burrito justice) – Amazing IRL times with good friends, neighbors, family members – I revamped the style of this blog – I have been reading so many entertaining blogs (see above) that I’ve […]

No Social Networks: Countdown to day 1: 6

Posted by banane on April 2nd, 2012 — in about writing, facebook

When I thought there was nothing new to report… wrong! The lastest manifestation of not being online is how folks forget that I’m not online. They think I know things going on with them, because they’ve spoken about it publicly. Which is a common thing. I am also guilty of that, having lived so publicly […]

Don’t Call It An App

Posted by banane on April 2nd, 2012 — in android dev, facebook, iphone dev, Media, technology

Tell me what you think- wrote an article on “appiness” — no, it’s not a Cockney pronunciation of happiness, but the trend towards ever increasing complexity in online interfaces, that makes them ineffective and “appy”.

No Social Network Day 35: Mis-managing My Calendar

Posted by banane on March 28th, 2012 — in social networks

Just a quick note on this Facebook/Twitter black out. A couple of times when I show up for in-real-life event stuff, friends say “OMG I miss you!”, “My Facebook is so quiet with you gone!”, “I can’t wait until you’re back online!” It’s kinda funny. It’s odd because from my perspective, while I may have […]

No Social Network Day 28: Social Calculator

Posted by banane on March 20th, 2012 — in facebook, technology, Uncategorized

Picture: 1944: IBM co-develops its first computer, the Automated Sequence Controlled Calculator aka Mark I, with Harvard University. It was used by the Navy to calculate gun trajectories. IBM’s illustrated history In this social experiment of going off social networks, I’ve come to realize a certain calculation, or equation, in my head. I will automate […]

No Social Network Day 22: Longer Attention Span

Posted by banane on March 16th, 2012 — in about writing, technology

I write in my head a lot. When I wrote novels more, I wrote whole chapters in my head. And when I took pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, rather, I’d change it all significantly. This blog post was actually something I wrote in an earlier post and took out. I had a few […]

No Social Network Day 18: The Phone, The Disposal, No Plans

Posted by banane on March 10th, 2012 — in technology

I got a funny postcard from my brother-in-law who is not on Facebook. It’s all the living (at the time of photo) First Ladies, and I have to name them in order. I recognized maybe 3, and made some poor guesses on the other 3. And then he made me list the ones that were […]

No Social Network Day 15: Urban Cycling & Google Reader

Posted by banane on March 8th, 2012 — in technology

I cleaned out my old Google Reader, abandoned when I started using FriendFeed, and now it’s full of fun stuff, such as the video above (via SFist. I’m not sure which urban cyclist I am, maybe a mix between the commuter-hipster (work in the Mission). Google reader is amazing. Why did I ever leave it […]

On Dressing Girly At Work

Posted by banane on March 7th, 2012 — in feminism, technology

Hanging out after a conference with another female programmer, or, “bragrammer,” I will admit that the first thing we talked about was our clothes. I had admired her dress during her talk, and I was wearing a kind of new sleeveless bike/street jacket vest with scarf, going for a monochrome grey-blue look. Later on in […]