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  • The Weeds of Bay View

    I’ve been working in the northeaster corner of the San Francisco neighborhood, the Bay View for a few months now. It’s an geurilla gardener’s delight. There is so much land- unloved, untilled, un-staked out by seemingly anyone. So, if, for example, you are interested in gardening but the closest community garden has a 5-year waiting […]

  • I lose a good friend… FriendFeed

    In the final, end of series montage, my Yearbook signatures as we all go on to bigger & better things… – 5-7 random guys help me install a new video card and RAM into my computer, via realtime FriendFeed discussion – For months, I have a daily French-English idiom exchange with directeur, half way across […]


    Ever since I was little I’d look at this one book on the shelf: Ahha Kareheha, or, that’s how I read it. We also had “CHEKHOV” which is really confusing, since that’s not even Cyrillic (there is no V like that), but some 1950s book editor who thought it’d be funny to print an English […]

  • tagclouds

    Ah, very cool. Created from here: Get your NSID from Flickr (view source on a photo page, search for “nsid”) Paste it into here, It will generate all of your tags, then it submits it to another site that generates the tagCloud. Neat!

  • Good Writing

    I cleaned out my bookshelf, dusted off some old books I have kept around but haven’t read. Namely, Howards End (no apostrophe, just discovered that). I really enjoy the website GoodReads, and hope Annaboka will someday be as useful. One of the reviews on there of Howard’s End lauds the third chapter as the best […]

  • Walking to BART

    I’ve been trying to transit (walk/bart/shuttle) to my client’s at least once a week. This week it’ll be two out of three. I walk down to Market Street, about 20-25 minutes, then BART for 20, then Emery Go Round shuttle for 20. For someone with acute motion sickness that’s three nauseas in one morning. It […]

  • Napping, Writing on BART

    My sleeping schedule is wacked. I stopped drinking coffee, then had a double cappuccino at 10pm and stayed up until 4:30. Woke up at 7:00am-ish for three nights in a row, camping. Now back in the real world, woke up at 7am again. North Beach is nice in the morning- folks hosing down the sidewalks […]

  • time to haiku

    SF weather update: (because this information is nowhere on the internet?) misty, no salt water air. Muggy, cold winds, warm (you want to take your hoodie off). Little sprinkles on Montgomery and California intersection. Glare at Sansome and Sutter. Tourists confused, locals mumbling to each other “here comes summer.” We start remembering earlier winter months […]

  • friday afternoon

    People are sitting at Ozumo’s early this afternoon (3pm?) and the sun is super shining. Saw a woman walk into the Jewish Museum on Steuart, with a big bag from Imperial Tea House- had this riff in my mind about how she was visiting from some suburban city for her “day in the City.” Walked […]

  • Summer days

    Wearing a t-shirt to work, that is a kind of freedom in general. Flip flops abound. No nylons in sight, all good signs of summer. Lots of roof parties. Wore loud squeaky shoes to work today, and they really are loud. May go out at lunch and invest in some new ones. OK my day […]