Category: walk to work

  • Sunny day, summer solstice

    Trying to catch the bus, finally got a 30 going downtown after walking up “the hill”. This is the new technique, halfway bus riding to work and back. Mostly to coddle my foot, but also because I woke up late, and to walk to work, get coffee, and head to massage appt., I didn’t have […]

  • 30 stockton day 2

    Man on the bus, old guy, disheveled hair, tweed coat, a bit of a head tremor. “Show the man your pass!” He yells to everyone boarding the Stockton. First it was just another old guy who looked kind of scared and walked down the bus towards the driver. I thought both old guys knew each […]

  • 30 Stockton

    Sat in front of Ricos “where tourists meet the locals” and “english spoken here” signage. It’s a popular bar but I kind of hate it. I mean, what a sellout, and there’s a big sign that posts the most recent military ship to further cater to tourist traffic! Anyways, stood with two locals, an elderly […]

  • teetering on the curb

    Ah, hangover. The walk to work today would have been brilliant minus the hungover feeling. I was out early, judging by the number and state of ladies in the park (the tai chi clock). They were pinwheeling their arms and doing little knee bends in preparation for the mass exercise. Last night managed to get […]

  • Final days of walk

    I have a few weeks of this walk left, which hasn’t given me the vaseline wipe on the lens or anything, I just realize, hey, may have to get out here and be with the 90 year old Asian ladies doing tai chi, because I’ll have tons of time on my hands after this job […]

  • No more tree.

    Did the ole commute in record time- was at Peets at 9:30 and woke up at 8:45, got out of house exactly at 9:05, so 25 minutes, and on phone the entire time (job interview). They were ripping out a tree in front of the library :( The Joe DiMaggio playground does look great. I […]

  • Up Grant Street and Labyrinth

    I keep on finding interesting routes to common destinations. On the way back from Film Yard, the video store, this afternoon, I found a cool intersection. One alley between another, Pfeiffer and something (not on mapquest) between Chestnut and Francisco. Really charming! In a kind of undiscovered way (impossible since it is one block off […]

  • Driving to Civic Center

    Ah, Jury Duty. It’s over! Notes on traversing from North Beach to Civic Center: – there are many ways to cross over Nob Hill/Russian Hill – many people, though they live in SF, drive everywhere – the observation above is not related to your income level – the parks in Civic Center are very pleasant […]

  • boycott norton’s vault AND bad translator!

    First, walking to work right outside of Bikram yoga/convenience store, saw cable car stopped, and brakeman leaning out asking a small, elderly Asian man if he needed an ambulance. Man and woman were huddled on the sidewalk with a 20-something blond (turns out British) woman who is on the phone with ambulance. She showed me […]

  • the fan dance

    Two women were doing tai chi in the park today- the fan dance. My mother informs me that there are many tai chis, with swords, fans, etc. One woman was really, really good. She could balance and seemed to kind of know the next steps. The fans made such a big noise (big, red fans) […]