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  • crisis! blog erased!

    crisis! blog erased! (written yesterday, Tues.) Ok I will write offline and then post. weather today- glare, with showers. Not worth carrying your umbrella. Note: SF people drag out their umbrellas to the last inch of their life. And coats are meant for fashion, not warmth. You know you’re in a temperate climate when… Ran […]

  • irrelevant historical markers

    OK, there are some historical markers that are cool, like the one that shows the sunken and abandoned ships at Embarcadero and Francisco, I believe. Then there are ridiculously lame ones like the one pointing out the original owners of a business building that still looks boring and businessy. I mean, do we really care […]

  • bright shining silver light

    The sun shines on the cable car rails, and it’s this super bright winter light, it’s kind of amazing. Walking up the hill to Mason, where the cable car swerves off Columbus and up the hill, it’s like ribbons lying on the pavement, shining. I really appreciated the walk this morning because I had one […]

  • tsunami SF style

    Well we had a downpour, but when I started walking it was only little drizzles. Neighbor at work says that Embarcadero is flooded. Bit of gladness I decided not to walk that way this morning! Italian pottery seemed kind of odd and tacky this morning, bright, yes, but tacky. I made a point to check […]