Cootie Catcher

Developer Notes

Originally written as a curriculum piece to teach girls to program. Currently used as an example of iPhone 2D animation. See developer notes on this project: Many blog posts on developing for the iPhone, for this project. Namely:


My sister Jennifer Huber, an artist residing in San Diego, helped me a great deal with imagery and artwork. You can contact her by emailing me (anna) at My friend Patrick Carlisle helped with code reviews. As a JavaScript/HTML/Ruby application, this was a group project by Liah Hansen, Carmen Eshauri, Michelle Lupei. It is open-sourced! Feel free to copy the code but please do not submit to the app store an identical game, or use the artwork, which is not available without permission. If you have any questions about Cootie, how it works, suggestions for new features, or really anything, feel free to drop me a line at (anna) at