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Key Metrics in iPhone App Marketing

Wednesday, 06. October 2010 by Anna Billstrom

I’ve been using the email and internet marketing methods towards a new arena: iPhone marketing. These metrics have been useful:

1. Rank in the iTunes Store
This is the number of times it’s been downloaded. I do it according to to the top search terms for my app: “learning French,” for example. Since marketing the app for a few weeks, we’ve risen from the last page to the second, of five pages. A small success, but nice to know it’s measurable.

2. Number of units sold.
Yes, this is more an operational number, but it’s still a good metric to view over time.

3. Hits to the landing page.
The iTunes store lets you post a landing page for more information about your product. This is also an interesting gage of interest.

4. Ratio of paid-to-free downloads
If you have a free version, the ratio of paid-to-free version can be interesting to track, over time.

5. General name stickiness.
I do a Google search- also how many times the keyword was used in retrieving pages on your site. Both are good ways to tell if the app is getting traction.

6. Twitter name follow count.
The number of follows on your twitter account (of same name as app).

Email Marketers: Get a Data Phone, Please

Wednesday, 20. February 2008 by Anna Billstrom

iPhone I got a real nugget of truth recently from a study by MarketingSherpa on iPhone consumer use. Got the link from MailChimp, a key blog by a real ESP.

For such a long time I didn’t read the tons of blog posts and information about mobile issues, even though I sat next to someone who had a bag of about 100 phones and talked constantly about phones rendering email. Why didn’t I care? I had one of those Nokias that cost -$5, yep, that your wireless provider pays you to get. So when I upgraded 2000% to an iPhone (slight exaggeration!), I suddenly was all ears. MarketingSherpa has clued in on this idea of “don’t-care-because-can’t-see-it”, a phenomenon that applies to many things in marketing, such as Image-Off Issues (“Why don’t you just turn images on?”). When I talk to clients about iPhone rendering issues, they say “send me a screenshot” because true, that is in almost all cases a great way of showing the issue and communicating the problem. But not with mobile.

- Our research reinforced what we’ve been telling readers for more than a year: If you haven’t yet, you need to go out and buy all of the widely used mobile devices. If you can’t buy all of them, at least get an iPhone and BlackBerry Curve and Pearl because of their popularity.

Why? You need to be able to see first-hand what you are marketing to when it comes to the mobile demographic, which usually has both disposable income and little time to waste.

MailChimp has a great video of iPhone accessing mail, too.

Gmail for iPhone

Monday, 14. January 2008 by Anna Billstrom

The Gmail blog just posted on a new interface for the iPhone on their site. This is great, since the Gmail solution on the iPhone has been very problematic. I promptly logged in and checked it out:
- automatic zoom in on letters, so you can actually see the text
- nice Facebook-style menus that work just right for the iPhone (Facebook has been the best site to date for the iPhone)
- quick rendering (ajax?)
- big buttons (like the star) for easy clicking

It was very easy – just go to and sign into your mail. Crazy it took them so long to do, but regardless, I appreciate it.

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