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Yahoo Mail Flash Flub

Tuesday, 23. September 2008 by Anna Billstrom

Ugh, I’ve been having issues with Yahoo Mail (macbook/leopard/firefox3) and finally they admit it: Keystrokes not rendering? A flash update may do the trick on the Yahoo Mail blog (not a bad thing to track, btw).

It has come to my attention that some users have reported problems with keystrokes not registering within the compose box of the All-New Yahoo! Mail.

Our engineers are working on the issue, but in the meantime you may be able to resolve it yourself if you make sure your browser is running the most current version of Flash.

I upgraded my Flash a week or so ago and it did help- there are ongoing issues with Yahoo Mail and Ajax, which makes me think, if you can’t do it right, don’t, and certainly don’t sell ad space that makes all of your users cringe.

Images Off Justification

Thursday, 27. March 2008 by Anna Billstrom

Why focus on it? I’ve dedicated a lot of bandwidth to the issues of designing for images-off. I was delighted to read today an article by Mark Brownlow- a great round-up – in which he mentions that a MarketingSherpa case study that shows with proper images-off design technique, said company recognized *four times more* revenue.

I did an analysis for one of my clients that reavealed: 11% of the click records were from images-off viewers, from a single email drop. That means: the recipients clicked through, even though they didn’t see the images.* That is a very significant percentage to me- and it was a promotional, weekly message, not an introductory message, which you can guarantee, always has images suppressed. To put it into scope, for that campaign they had a 2% of delivered purchased, so 10% of clicks being non-images was very important to them. Also, 10% represented their Gmail population, 10% represented a significant boost in revenue if they catered more to this target demographic. AOL is a smaller percentage, but this client dedicated serious resources to getting deliverability issues resolved. The most impressive response I got on the “11%” number, though, was from the creative group. Used to publication and prints- as Mark mentions- image heavy content is required. So finding out that the consumers were compelled by offer alone really hit home.

* Question that metric? This is how I did it. Take your clicks records, and re-query the database and find out if they have an open record. If they don’t, this is your non-open clicks, and represents the percentage of your campaign target that opened by only seeing the images-off version of your creative.

Webmail Wars: Yahoo over Gmail

Friday, 21. March 2008 by Anna Billstrom

I’ve personally loved Gmail for a while now, but a new feature yesterday made me switch to the other side. I was searching my Yahoo! Beta inbox and found an amazing feature- “narrow search”- basically groups your results by time period, mail folder, and other criteria. This is in Firefox 2, on OSX, Mac.

Yahoo! Mail Narrow Results

Gmail still has the usual search results, no cross-tab or grouping. Yes, you can still sort by labels or “stars.”

Gmail Search Results

Along with the nifty certification icon on Yahoo:

Certification Icon

… And the “show images” button (on certified emails at least) I think this is a serious boost.

Yahoo! Show Images Button

Versus Gmail’s text-link:

Gmail Images Off

I thought that Yahoo! had finally phased out Classic- but it’s turning out to be a struggle finding this information- may update this post if I ever do find it. If you know, please comment below. All I know is that my dad automatically (or by his own clicks) was switched to Beta/New Yahoo, because I had to give him a little tutorial this weekend.

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