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I’m spurred to write this because a friend on Facebook- Jeremiah Owyang- attended a similar event, and I wish I’d gone:
Using Social Media to Grow Your Business.

What’s interesting to me is that Jeremiah chose to post the event and attendance on a social network. “Fishing where the fish are,” is how he explained it. There are so many layers of meaning here- that we examine the methods that we contact our customers, and use them ourselves in promoting our own efforts.

In a meeting with a client the other day about Facebook apps, he said, “How do we get them to come here,” the meaning being that merchandising and selling online as a dot-com retailer was the end goal. His bottom line inquiry made me think about how that wasn’t the goal, and yet it was the goal as well. Profit, and purchases are at the core of a retailer. From a CRM perspective, though, we look at the entire length of a customer’s interaction and relationship with the company. Brands, trust, and engagements that are not all around individual profit orders. It’s in between basic ordering and longterm relationships that social networks lie.

Little know-nothing startups like Scrabulous (play Scrabble on FaceBook) have become extremely well known because of an engaging Facebook application. As a consumer, I do “click over” to the Scrabble site. I have name recognition with the founders, I am aware of their new products, and various other fallouts from being a frequent user. Any company with online functionality and fun behavioral widgets understands the embracing of a large amount of new users like this, and how it can translate to customers down the line.

But back to Jeremy’s comment about fishing where the fish are- I see the social networks as a large customer base of people who have said: “I want to be contacted this way.” For those that remember, it’s the web portal business, but has finally matured. So yes, it’s about getting someone to click over- but it’s also getting someone interested and engaged in your product features, in a pond that they swim in.

Note: I want to write an upcoming post on the hilarity of Facebook’s opt-out system gone awry with Beacon. See: Mark Zuckerberg’s “Thoughts on Beacon”

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  1. I appreciate that you value copyright laws, but then you promote that game that totally stole from scrabble…

    Comment: jen – 27. January 2009 @ 1:37 am

  2. “stole from Scrabble”- in actuality, they leveraged a social app from the cardboard game, and I believe that Mattel and the developers could have worked something out, or, Scrabble could have launched their own “official” version and done it better. In reality, Mattel killed a popular game without successfully migrating the users over, then created a worse version. Legally in the right but tactically oh, so wrong.

    Comment: banane – 30. January 2009 @ 12:28 pm

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