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Free Shipping – Is it still enough?

One startup I was at loathed free shipping. Well, the VP of Finance hated it since we made money on shipping, so it reduced profit. As I see all of the retailers fill my inbox this holiday season with offers of Free Shipping, it makes me notice some changes in the industry over the past 5 years.

Just saying “Free Shipping” does have some effect, but I’ve noticed a grain of detail now that makes me think consumers are getting a little more savvy: more and more I see the terms of free shipping floating into the subject line.

Amazon: “Free 2-Day Shipping in Time for the Holidays for Amazon Prime”
Eddie Bauer: “Don’t sleep in! 2 Days Only + 25% Off Sleepware”
Back to Basics (toys): “Gifts for all ages! And free shipping!”
Toys R Us: “Shop our 2 Day Sale Now! Plus free shipping!”
Barnes & Noble: “Final week for Free delivery by Christmas”
Macy’s: “Free shipping! Plus save on cozy, cold-weather gifts!” (also sent a 20% off and free shipping a day earlier)

As well as the terms of free shipping, another offer, be it a percentage off or a general sale. I see a lot of movement to the bricks and mortar retail store as well, for last-minute purchases.

Interesting the competitive space in email messages- and offers- and floating those terms from the legal of the copy in the message, up to the subject line. As a consumer, I acted on the Amazon prime, though usually I do get free shipping- in that regard it meant free shipping not to my home address. The Eddie Bauer incentive also roused me from my total lethargy regards to shopping (I have to motivate soon! 8 niece and nephews!) and motivated me to get my dad some slippers. As a marketer, I’m interested in seeing the ’08 Q1 results on these metrics, whether there was testing done on these subject lines, and if the combination of offers, the Free Shipping terms detail, or if there were sizable results in any offer testing that went on.

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Written on Monday, 10. December 2007 at 15:46 In the category campaigns, mechanics, metrics, strategy. Follow the comments via RSS here: RSS-Feed. Read the Comments. Trackbacks- Trackback on this post. Share on FriendFeed

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