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Demographic Append via Targeted Content

I’ve had this brilliant idea for months now (pat self on back) but have yet to test it out. Basically- instead of hiring outside data vendors to append data to your internal database, let the audience self-select. Target a random sample percentage of your database, and email a specific targeted content. For one client, who thinks that the senior citizen demographic may be a lucrative segment of their population, they could send grandparent-specific content, then based on the opens and clicks for that email, identify that group as “interested in grandparent content”- if not grandparents themselves.

One client did this on mother’s day and saw a significant boost in opens and clicks. This technique is great if you don’t have a lot of data- mainly for retailers, and online brick and mortar. Keep the history of your campaigns, and segment out those active responders from previous, similar campaigns into one segment. Add a new random sample (to continue the targeting). Remember to use this segmentation next time you run a similar campaign.

Respondants from 2007 Grandparent Content Campaign 10,000
Random sample of database- for further demographic profiling 5,000 Total for this campaign: 15,000

Let’s say 700 folks open or click from the new segment- next time you run the campaign:

Respondants from previous campaigns 10,700
Random sample from database- for further demographic profiling 5,000
Total for this campaign: 15,700

And so on.

You can even literally append the data to your database by creating a table of customers, and their respondant interests.

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