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EmailSummit: Hallway Conversations

First: click over to Tamara Gielen’s photoset on Flickr of conference photos. It was very fun meeting Tamara and putting a face to an online presence! She does a round-up of conference blog posts on her blog, BeRelevant!, if you want to read more.

You know the best bits of conferences (MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit 2008) are the random conversations you have in the hallway or the connections you make accidentally- who is in line behind you at the coffee urn, or stranded with you at the baggage terminal. Here are some highlights, and interesting too in a social science element of “what people are talking about.”

- Lively discussion with Stefan Pollard, all-around expert and writer for ClickZ (great post he wrote, recently here), about that lovely conversation you have with clients sometimes about why transactional emails and segmentation work. We were chastised for talking “about work” by the other email marketers at the table, but I really enjoyed talking with him, someone who I have loved reading online.

- Another lively discussion (see a pattern?) with a fellow- who I exchanged business cards with but can’t remember!- about the implementation of CAN-SPAM and changes in the industry, as well as my favorite topic, the “anti-click” metric, when you can track folks who click through an email with images off, as in, no open record is associated with the click record.

- As I’m getting out of the plane, notice another attendant and we start talking about their RFP, big ESP vendors in the space, and others corporations that were shuffling around getting dinners out (winner of the prize of expensive dinners that trip was a $2,000 one, including $60/ounce Kobe steak. Wow. I was not the diner in that scenario, needless to say. The best deal I saw was Little Havana beer & empanadas for 3 for under $20.)

- Conversation with Dell email marketer and presenter Elias Haslanger about images off, working with creative groups on the delicate balance of managing suppression and having a great looking email, and retail email design challenges as compared to other companies at the talk. Also, of course very happy that he used KodakGallery’s emails as an example of successful examples of how to manage email suppression.

- Ongoing conversations with presenters, vendors and colleagues about managing AOL users, sender reputation, and challenges in approaching and communicating with that segment.

- The Question & Answer periods of most conferences were some of the best content, and I tried to capture them in my recaps. Sorry for blogging so late- expect a few more coming out today! I’m really glad my mom taught me to type fast enough to simultaneously transcribe, only problem now is reading my shorthand speak!

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  1. Thanks Ana, I very much enjoyed meeting and chatting with you as well. I look forward to seeing you around the event circuit again.


    Comment: Stefan – 29. February 2008 @ 7:50 am

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