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Corporate Blogs: How To

Friend-of-a-friend last night, at a cafe after an industry event, talked about this post he’d written on ValleyWag. I clicked over this morning to check it out: Paul Boutin on How to Write a Company Blog (note: also on 3/20 NYTimes business section). He had heard of a “blog consultant” hired for lots of money, who was vague and incompetent. I too witnessed a company hire a person to write a blog, an effort that took months and amounted to nothing. This spurred him to write-up his own How-To on writing a successful blog. I agree with him on most of his points- great concise steps. He’s a journalist, but he’s done tech writing and blogging for years. Key points I took away:
- Look up facts- it takes more time, but it’s far more valuable than opinion
- Short, active sentences
- Unlearn traditional writing examples from business class, namely, presentation & inverted pyramid.

Give it a quick click through if you have a professional blog, or if you’re interested in blog writing.

Of course I disagree with Paul, usually on about 3 out of 5 of his points in most of his posts. Here, I disagree with:
- Opinions. God, that’s why I love to blog! I have strongly felt opinions about things and here I get to write about them unfettered. This post is usually far tamer- who can really get that excited about email marketing!- but my SF Metblogs posts are all rather flameworthy.
- Long posts. I think to truly explore a topic or question you need to write a bit. Sure, most long posts can be condensed, but I’m not writing for the scanner or easy grepper. My “10 images off” post is the most popular on here, and it runs pretty long. It just has to- it covers a lot of content.

Other resources:
- On my site: “Why Start A Professional Blog?”

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