Adventures in Mobile Marketing

Inventive Subject Lines

I’ve clicked on this email in my inbox a few times, and when I finally opened it, I was like, here is something new and interesting going on in email marketing.

What’s done right, in my opinion:

  • Catchy subject line: “Brag About Yourself!” – which, for its target demographic, ad agency employees, agents, marketeres, etc., will hit an appreciative audience. The directness and tongue-in-cheekness also works well, for advertising folks who appreciate good copy.
  • Nice images-off management design-wise. Check the font size and width. It works with the branding and the images when you load. Very nicely done. Only one or two broken images that do contribute once loaded. No spacer GIFs so a very clean layout with images-off.

With images on:

  • There’s an offer, but it’s most a call to action to make the “open” a “click”. I think this is good- offers in subject lines, motivating the open, tend to attract the discount shopper, which is a less meaningful segment. In this kind of offer, I think they get far more opens with a non-offer subject line.
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