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Double Opt-In

In a comment thread on The Email Wars- a little tiff happened about double opt-in compared to confirmation emails. This may just be my opinion, but I consider a set of confirmations a double opt-in process.
1- user submits their name and email address in a form on a site or via mailing list subscription method (unconfirmed opt-in)
2a- user gets, at the submitted email address, an email confirming the subscription, with a method to unsubscribe. (confirmed opt-in)
2b- user will not get any email unless they respond again with a subscription request, or click on a subscription URL, or otherwise twice ask for the subscription. (double opt-in)

With option 2a, I call this “opt-in with confirmation” and 2b is “double opt-in,” because it requires the user to ask twice. 2a just informs the user, with a method to unsubscribe if someone as a prank signed you up without your knowledge.

The Obama campaign did not offer an optin with confirmation nor a double opt-in, which has caused all kinds of ruckus in the email marketing world. Whether it’s enough to be called “stupid” or not, is up for debate.

What gets me about the Obama email campaign is that the optin-list of subscribers was handed over to Biden without an opt-in.

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Written on Wednesday, 27. August 2008 at 13:58 In the category campaigns, other_blogs. Follow the comments via RSS here: RSS-Feed. Read the Comments. Trackbacks- Trackback on this post. Share on FriendFeed

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  1. There is no evidence that the email address left the possession of the Obama Campaign. Ken says that the mail ‘came from Biden’ but that does not imply that the address list was shared. Given Biden is now the VP nominee, it is just as likely that the mail came from the Obama campaign, with Biden’s name on it.

    Let’s not make accusations that we have no basis for. There are enough screwups in email marketing without having to create a tempest in the teapot.

    Comment: Laura – 27. August 2008 @ 4:14 pm

  2. Laura, I respectfully disagree. I signed up for the Obama campaign, but I’ve received about 6 messages so far from someone else- Biden- and in my mind, that is a different from than Obama. So I’d say it’d be best practice for the Obama campaign to say, “do you want to hear from my new VP?” instead of assuming I do.

    Comment: banane – 27. August 2008 @ 10:05 pm

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