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Man Page for Twitter

A manual page for Twitter… which is my favorite form of explanation, written for a newbie on SF WoW, thought I’d repost here.

hey! <-- everyone in the world sees it if they go to the web site, my followers see it in their feeds

@jfouts hey! <--- that everyone can see, it's unprotected but she
may read it more prominently as it's got the @ in it that signals it's
a "response"

d jfouts hey Janet <-- sends a "hey Janet" to janet fouts, no one else
can see it but her. She may get it on her email or see it in twitter.

(Pretend you setup protection on your account)
Hey! <--- only those that follow me see it

@jfouts Hey! <-- only the 200 or so people I follow sees this, and
Janet sees it as a response

d jfouts Hey! <--- same as before, only she gets it

I didn’t know where else to put this- technically not about email at all, except perhaps in the direct message sense! Thanks Janet for letting me use you as an example!

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