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MailChimp at Email Insider Summit
The lovely people at MailChimp are sponsoring my trip to MediaPost’s Email Insider Summit next week, in Utah. I’ll be blogging the experience, so check back here for some armchair travel and email marketing conference live-blogging, or subscribe to my RSS feed for this category, “EmailSummit MailChimp.”

Looking over the agenda, I’m excited about a couple of sessions:

  • Obama Campaign Recap! – A reason to get up early despite the time difference: I followed the campaign intently since noticing his team used SEO in simple text messages, back in August, “Email to Text Message: Obama Campaign.
  • The next few sessions seem kind of lite, to me, a user focus group, “Moms on Email” and retail/email marketers round table, hosted by keynote speaker, and RazorFish VP of Email David Baker.
  • The best sessions look to be the next day (well, and I’m tech/social media oriented): “Email as Social Media Tool,” “Cross Channel Measurement,” and “Measuring the Business Impact of Email.” All great tools for dealing with those conversations we all have with IT, execs, and marketing groups.
  • The noon hour roundtables on Tuesday look truly solid (bold ones are of high interest):

    • Deliverability/Pricing
    • Monetization/Publishing
    • Web Analytics/Email
    • Creative Optimization
    • Transactional/Enterprise Messaging
    • ESPs and Tools Selection (Marketers and Agency Execs only)
  • So many times at these conferences the actual meat of the presentation is very different from expectations I get from the agenda, so I may dip in and out of a few to get an idea of what’s good.

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  1. Sounds like a great conference! I’m especially curious about the Obama campaign session – they used SMS & social media so skillfully.

    At Pubcon Las Vegas, another excellent conference, Shawn Rorick’s keynote mentioned the Obama campaign’s use of personalized video as well:


    Keep us posted!

    Comment: leanne – 02. December 2008 @ 6:40 am

  2. Wow,
    Lucky you
    It seems like its going to be really fun

    I will defiantly subscribe to the rss

    Comment: Lior Solomon – 02. December 2008 @ 10:04 am

  3. Thanks Lior & Leanne- looks to be a really neat conference. Can’t wait to go.

    Comment: banane – 02. December 2008 @ 3:29 pm

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