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Social Marketing Session: Embracing Your Fans

MailChimp at Email Insider Summit I was really looking forward to the social marketing session, moderated by Loren McDonald of Silverpop and on it: Brian Whalley of Our Stage, Karla Venell of General Mills, and Jay Stevens of MySpace.

Loren made a funny analogy- that marijuana,cocaine, heroin is to LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter. Some of us twittering in the session were a little caught off guard.

Great comment by Jay of MySpace regarding email: “I laugh at people who think email is killing social media, social media needs email now more than ever.

Some practical advice to email marketers- adding chiclets to the bottom of emails to share out the content. Also, you’d think, and what I wrote in MarketingProfs, is to add other methods to subscribe to this kind of content- RSS feeds, mainly.

Great examples of user-generated content, and emails, from Brian of OurStage. In all the social marketing was very focused on email and avenues that existing marketers are using to leverage social marketing. Having said that, I felt that the General Mills examples were pretty mild and confined. They could have done a lot more with their content, which was hinted at a few times by fan pages: the Lucky Charms, “Keep Lucky Charms Alive”:

Facebook | Search: lucky charms.

10,000 members have joined the group to “save Lucky Charms.” That nostalgia and content is so key, and could be leveraged and embraced by corporate General Mills. When they talked about control, and even Karla of General Mills brought up the issue of “What do we do with people using our brand,” it ended up being: embrace it, reward, include, and incorporate those fans that are ambassadors for your brand. Jay of MySpace made the point that it’s not enough to notice who are the mavens and trendsetters for aspects of your brand, but to include them.

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