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Hippos & Attributing Email Revenue

MailChimp at Email Insider Summit
There was one moment this afternoon during Jim Sterne‘s presentation on Measurements & Attribution. Everyone cracked up (and the #eis twitterstream was crackling) when Jim mentioned that one person who blocks email marketing activities: “the Hippo” or “the HIghest Paid Opinion” in the room, by saying things like “Let’s change that image to yellow,” or “My wife doesn’t like that offer.” His solution to these suggestions by hippos: “Great, we’ll test that.”

Oh wait, another point everyone laughed was when he spoke of traditional marketers, and how we were “waiting for them all to die off.” I have to say this conference has a very nice wit about it with talks of twitter=heroin, waiting for a certain breed of colleagues to “die off,” and other things I can’t mention here.

He made a very good point that was repeated by someone in the hallway afterwards, which is: it’s vital to integrate seamlessly across channels because, “… from the customer viewpoint, ‘I’m not thinking what channel it’s on.’”

Oh, and this was lapped up by our eager audience. Email marketing should use comprehensive testing to determine the hearts & minds of the customer, then, “help them [other channels] break through market research money they’re sending by using email as a leading indicator.”

What’s interesting about his presentation, in relation to a later presnetation by Bob Frady of LiveStation. They had very differing views of email revenue stream attribution to the entire marketing effort. Jim stated that it took an entire process, from advertising, PR, operations, etc. down to email and the final sale to create the sale, thus the revenue should be split among it, though he admitted that determining a method of the split and attribution is very difficult. Bob posited that by testing events without doing email support, he could determine a % of lift from email, and attribute that way. He also showed lifetime revenue per opted-in email customer, as a total year revenue number for email. Interesting methods, and both had good justifications.

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Written on Wednesday, 10. December 2008 at 00:53 In the category EmailSummit MailChimp. Follow the comments via RSS here: RSS-Feed. Read the Comments. Trackbacks- Trackback on this post. Share on FriendFeed

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